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Higher Level Skills Program

Australian & New Zealand Students
(Brisbane Campus)

This Higher Level Skills program is funded by the Queensland Government

What is the Higher Level Skills Program?

The Higher Level Skills program provides a government subsidy in selected Certificate IV or above qualifications and priority skill sets to help individuals gain the higher level skills required to secure employment or career advancement in a priority industry.

The Program is for any Queensland resident who does not already hold, or is not already enrolled in, a post-school Australian Certificate IV or higher level qualification, this includes any equivalent Certificate IV or higher level qualification irrespective of whether the qualification is through a university degree, apprenticeship or traineeship pathway. (Note: not including qualifications completed at school and foundation skills training.)

For further information please refer to the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training website https://desbt.qld.gov.au/training/training-careers/incentives/highskills

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Higher Level Skills Program a participant must be:

  1. Queensland resident
  2. Aged 15 years or over
  3. No longer at school
  4. Not hold or be undertaking a Certificate level IV or higher qualification
  5. Be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or Australian permanent resident (including humanitarian entrants), or a temporary resident with the necessary visa and work permits on the pathway to permanent residency.

Which courses are covered by Higher Skills funding?

  1. SIT40721 Certificate IV in Patisserie - Student must be an Existing Worker in the Tourism and Hospitality industry

Am I eligible for Concession?

The following students are entitled to the concession rate on course fees:

  1. The student holds a Health Care, Pensioner Concession Card or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
  2. The student is an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

Please note: Proof of eligibility for concession must be demonstrated prior to the commencement of training.

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