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English for General Purposes

Code: 074238K

English for General Purposes Course Overview

From beginners to advanced learners, students love the confidence they gain and knowledge they learn when they study English at Academia!

Academia is a proud provider of English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS).

Begin when it suits you: courses start every week and are between 2 to 60 weeks long.

Classes run from Monday to Fridays 4 hours per day.

Our English for General Purposes course is split into six levels ranging from Beginner to Advanced, which allows students to be placed in an appropriate class.


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English course fee

$250 per week (reduced from $270/week)
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Learn Conversational English in Australia

Our English for General Purposes program is built on the notion of communication and conversation, focusing on elements an international student living in Australia might be expected to do, for example:

  1. Talking about your likes and dislikes
  2. Job-seeking tasks like filling in forms, writing a resume, applying for a job, and reading a job description

This approach encourages students to immediately start using the language they learn in class in their day-to-day life!

Classroom Materials

All students are provided with:

  1. A new formal course book for each level
  2. Supplementary materials will also be provided

General English Levels:

GE1 - Beginner

Students with no or little ability to speak or understand English begin here.

During the beginner level, tuition focuses on high-frequency, useful vocabulary that students can immediately start using in their daily lives!

You’ll learn to communicate with native speakers in a variety of common situations, sparking your learning of general conversation.

GE2 - Elementary

If you already have a basic understanding of the English language, Level 2 might be the right place to start!

This level is for students who can communicate in some common situations. Now it’s time to improve fluency and improve your confidence.

GE3 - Pre-Intermediate

Those who can communicate in common scenarios and who have the ability to write basic English start at GE3. Build on your existing grasp of the language to improve writing, speaking, and reading!

During class, you will write reports, make short presentations, and read newspaper articles.

GE4 - Intermediate

If you’re able to communicate in most situations, the Intermediate level will help you continue improving your overall fluency while at the same time, building your writing skills.

Now it’s time to learn how to write resumes and job applications, perform in debates, and interpret text.

GE5 - Upper-Intermediate

Those entering GE5 have a solid understanding of communication in various tenses and structures.

Build your vocabulary and boost your confidence through speechmaking, participating in discussions, and conducting interviews. You’ll also learn how to write formally, such as letters of complaint.

GE6 – Advanced

Once you’ve reached level 6, you’ll learn how to communicate spontaneously and flexibly in a range of different scenarios. Students at this level can understand a complicated text and produce clear, well-structured, and complex writing pieces.

Sharpen your skills to format text correctly, use formal, professional language, and incorporate a wide range of vocabulary.

General English Course Details

Course Name: English for General Purposes - Beginner to Advanced
CRICOS Code: 074238K
CRICOS Duration: 2 to 60 Weeks registered on CRICOS, including tuition plus course breaks
Duration: Two (2) to Sixty (60) weeks full time

Study General English in Melbourne!

Want to come to Australia and study General English at Academia?

With campus in Melbourne CBD

  1. Melbourne campus: 399 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
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