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English for General Purposes

Code: 074238K

General English course overview

Master the English language and unlock a world of opportunities. 

Academia is a proud provider of English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS).

Begin when it suits you! Courses start every week and are between 2 to 60 weeks long. Classes run five days a week, four hours a day.

Our General English courses focus on teaching the higher levels of the language for students wishing to use it as a pathway to Vocational Studies (Certificate to Advanced Diploma) or University Studies (Bachelor, Master or PhD studies)​.


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English course fee

$250 per week (reduced from $270/week)
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Learn Conversational English in Australia

Our General English program is designed to help international students living in Australia improve their essential communication skills. Our classes cover various English language components, with the instruction level tailored to the individual student's English proficiency. Some of the primary areas we focus on include;

  1. Enriching students' vocabulary to include words and phrases that are beneficial in various types of conversations and situations.
  2. Improving comprehension skills by learning common phrases and everyday slang used in conversation.
  3. Building confidence in speaking English by practising in various formats and situations.
  4. Enhancing reading and writing skills for everyday tasks such as filling in forms, writing a resume, applying for a job, and reading a job description

Classes are divided into three levels: Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level has its own specific curriculum and caters to students with different levels of proficiency in the English language. For students looking to continue their studies with Vocational or University courses.

This approach encourages students to incorporate their newly acquired language skills into their daily lives!

Classroom Materials

Students who begin this course are provided with:

  1. A new formal course book for each General English level (Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced).
  2. Supplementary materials will also be provided when necessary; these include worksheets, web resources and more!

General English Levels:


This is our base level. These classes are tailored to students who are confident in being able to communicate in most situations.

Intermediate English aims to improve students' communication fluency and writing skills across different situations.

Students will learn how to write essays, create surveys, and interpret texts.


These classes are tailored to students who have a solid understanding of communicating in English in various tenses and structures.

Upper-Intermediate English students will learn to improve their vocabulary. Students will build confidence in English speaking by engaging in speech-making, discussions, and interviews during class activities. Classes will focus on improving students' formal writing abilities, including tasks like essay writing,  opinion pieces.


This is for students who understand complicated texts and can draft clear, well-structured, and complex writing pieces.

Advanced English aims to equip students with the necessary skills to communicate confidently and effectively in various scenarios. Classes focus on teaching students to use formal professional language with confidence and to incorporate a wide range of vocabulary into their speaking. Additionally, students will improve their abilities to compose and format text correctly.

General English Course Details

Course Name: English for General Purposes - Beginner to Advanced
CRICOS Code: 074238K
CRICOS Duration: 2 to 60 Weeks registered on CRICOS, including tuition plus course breaks
Duration: Two (2) to Sixty (60) weeks full time

Study General English in Melbourne!

Want to come to Australia and study General English at Academia?

With campus in Melbourne CBD

  1. Melbourne campus: 399 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
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