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Aged Care Courses

All courses are fully approved and accredited by the Government of Australia

When you provide support to the elderly, you have a direct impact on their quality of life.

Enrol in Australia’s leading aged care courses with Academia.

Our courses are fully approved accredited by the Australian Government, and help you develop real skills that you will apply in the future.

Demand is growing for qualified carers to enter the rewarding aged care sector: the industry is experiencing skill shortages and there is a demand for staff.

Our courses are designed to offer a mix of in-class and on-the-job training, guided by qualified trainers with an average of 10 years’ experience in their respective fields.

If you are passionate about caring for the elderly and making a real difference to their day-to-day life, Academia’s aged care courses are for you!

Start your career with Academia: explore our aged care courses today.

Government Funding

  1. Government Funding is available for eligible students by the Commonwealth Government of Victoria
  2. Income contingent loans are also available for eligible students through VET - Fee Help

Academia’s Aged Care Courses

Certificate III in Individual Support

Code: CHC33015

The Certificate III qualification enables you to provide care to individuals in need through aged care facilities or community settings (like home care).

Through classroom-based learning along with 120 to 150 hours of placement in an aged care facility, you’ll gain valuable skills to care for the elderly and enter the industry.

Future career roles may include home care worker, personal care assistant, or community support worker.

This course is offered at Academia’s Melbourne campus.

Certificate IV in Ageing Support

Code: CHC43015

The Certificate IV in Ageing Support builds on the skills acquired in the Certificate III. It arms students with additional skills and knowledge to complete specialised tasks within residential or community-based aged care.

Strive for a leadership role with the right qualification: with your Certificate IV, possible job outcomes include team leader.

This course is offered at Academia’s Melbourne campus, and includes 120 hours of placement in an aged care facility.

Career Pathways After Studying Aged Care

If you have a caring attitude, a positive outlook, and a kind and nurturing personality, aged care could be for you! Discover some possible career outcomes after studying the Certificate III or IV in aged care with Academia.

Care Assistant or Worker

As a Care Assistant or Worker, you’ll be providing assistance to the elderly by helping with daily living. This may include personal care, dressing, eating, and taking medication.

Personal Care Assistant or Worker

Empowering the elderly to live independently, a Personal Care Assistant or Worker helps encourage a person’s capability while also providing care and assistance where needed.

As a personal carer, you’ll help the elderly during their day-to-day activities, run errands, or perform light housekeeping tasks.

Personal Caregiver

Similar to a Personal Care Assistant or Worker, a Personal Caregiver helps with personal care including bathroom functions, hygiene, and dressing. Your role may also include monitoring and reporting health and behaviour.

You are also an emotional support and companion for the person in your care.

Residential Care Worker

This role is most often performed residential care facilities or hospitals.

Your main role is to provide assistance to those in your care, promote their health and safety, and improve their lives. You may also be responsible for organising activities to enhance social and emotional wellbeing.

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Nationally Recognised Aged Care Courses

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Campuses Location & Facilities

  1. Our campuses situated in the central business districts of Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia.
  2. Study Aged Care courses at our Melbourne campus. Campuses are fully equipped with Class room, practical labs - Computer lab, Simulated Aged Care lab and free WiFi available to students.
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Australia’s Ageing Population

Australia is in the midst of an ever-increasing ageing population, with the number of Aussies aged over 65 and 85 heading in an upwards trajectory since 2007.

We’re living longer, and as a result, the aged care sector is going through some changes.

For example, many older Aussies, in good health, wish to remain in their homes for longer. This has resulted in a demand specifically for community-based care, where carers work in a personal capacity with their client, in their client’s own home.

There’s no better time to enter the rewarding and booming aged care sector. Academia is excited to guide you along the next stage of your journey!

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