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Study in Brisbane

Curious about studying in the Sunshine State's capital city?

Located alongside the Brisbane river on Australia's east coast, the city of Brisbane is famous for its year-round great weather, proximity to beautiful nature attractions, and its growing status as one of Australia's most popular cities for students.

Did you know that more than 80,000 international students have chosen this "new world" city to complete their studies? So what is it about Brisbane that attracts both international and local students?

Living and studying in Brisbane allows you to enjoy everything this up-and-coming global city has to offer - you’ll be able to prepare for the future, while also enjoying the best of life in Australia:

  1. Vibrant city life
  2. Stunning natural beauty
  3. Attractive cost of living

And with a huge range of courses for a range of in-demand industries available at our Brisbane campus, we’ve got just what you need to get ready for your future!

Which of our courses are available in Brisbane?

Hospitality management courses Brisbane

Available as either a standalone course or studied in conjunction with a commercial cookery or patisserie course, studying hospitality management is the way to go if you’re interested in becoming the next hospitality leader.

With operations and kitchen streams available, you’ll be able to obtain the skills you need to lead, whether you prefer working from the very top or from the frontlines.

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Commercial cookery courses Brisbane

With a focus on providing solid practical training as well as a work placement in one of Brisbane’s leading hotels or venues, our commercial cookery courses are the first step towards an exciting and enjoyable career in hospitality.

Experienced instructors teach you everything you need to know about life in a commercial kitchen, while our workshops replicate the working conditions and equipment you’ll deal with every day in your career.

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Patisserie courses Brisbane

Like our commercial cookery courses, a strong focus on practical training ensures that each of our patisserie students has all the skills they need to thrive in any bakery, cafe or hotel environment!

Follow your qualification up with a Diploma in Hospitality Management majoring in patisserie to round off your training and work alongside toop patissiers at leading venues around Brisbane.

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Childcare courses Brisbane

A holistic approach towards our childcare courses in Brisbane that combines practical training with a heavy emphasis on theories of childhood development ensures you come out the other side ready to set young children up for life!

Our childcare courses in Brisbane are covered by the Higher Skills and Certificate 3 Guarantee. Eligible students can complete a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care or a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care without having to pay tuition.

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Aged care courses Melbourne

In addition to training you to provide care, our aged care courses also include units covering specialised fields such as disability care, dementia support and more, preparing you for anything you might face during your career.

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More courses coming to Brisbane!

We’re excited to share that more courses will be coming to Brisbane soon! Check back to see which courses you’ll be able to study with us in the future!

Government-funded courses in Brisbane

Eligible students in Queensland have the opportunity to apply for government-funded training

Subsidised TAFE equivalent courses for year 12 students

Whether you’ve only just gotten your SSCE or are in the final stretch of your high school experience, Queensland’s subsidised TAFE program helps year 12 students ease the financial burden, whatever direction they decide to go.

Partially or fully covering a range of high-demand TAFE/vocational courses and certifications (including several of the courses on offer at our Brisbane campus), this program eases the financial burden on Year 12 students, helping them make the first step in building their careers.

In order to qualify for a subsidised TAFE/vocational courses, Year 12 students need to:

  1. Have completed Year 12 in Queensland
  2. Hold a Senior Statement issued by QCAA
  3. Commence their chosen course within a year following completion of Year 12
  4. Live permanently in Queensland

Take your career to the next level with subsidised TAFE equivalent courses

It isn’t just year 12 students who can qualify for subsidised TAFE/vocational courses - there are a range of different schemes available for older students who want to take their careers to the next level.

Ranging from subsidies to completely free courses, these programs provide funding and support to help you take your career to the next level:

  1. Certificate III Guarantee
  2. Higher Level Skills (HLS)

These are just some of the programs in Queensland - there are many available, each covering different courses, subsidising different amounts and with their own eligibility criteria.

Unsure which one you qualify for? Our friendly course advisors can help determine your eligibility in addition to helping you decide which course is the best way forward for your career.

Practical training that prepares you for the future

Classroom learning is important, however, for many of us the best way to learn anything is by doing!

Our courses in Brisbane feature a heavy emphasis on practical training, no matter whether it’s an inherently hands-on course like commercial cookery, or if you’re enrolled in the operations stream of a hospitality management course.

Using workshops that replicate real-world workshops, you’ll be able to put your skills to the test and really ingrain everything you’ve been studying.

And it doesn’t end there, either.

We leverage our connections to businesses throughout Brisbane and its suburbs to help our students secure work placements and internships to cap off their studies.

We’ve forged strong working relationships with workplaces in a range of different industries, allowing us to give students diverse and exciting opportunities for their work experience placements.

Why study in Brisbane?

Brisbane is a bit of a “hidden gem” - and it’s ready for you to discover all it has to offer!

Close to all of Australia’s natural wonders

Serving as the gateway to Australia’s most stunning beaches, its biggest national parks and more, Brisbane is the destination of choice for students who want to experience all of Australia’s unique nature while studying.

Surrounded by beaches, rainforests, nature reserves and more, Brisbane is a nature-lover’s paradise!

World-class education

Along with the rest of Australia, Brisbane is known for its excellent education institutes, from childcare and pre-school for the little ones, to formal schooling all the way through to tertiary and vocational education.

International students choose Academia's Brisbane campus to master the English language.


A lower cost of living makes Brisbane more affordable than many of Australia’s other capital cities. Your dollar goes further when you live and study in Brisbane

At the same time, that doesn’t mean you’re missing out on anything. Brisbane isn’t some tiny country town. Don’t let the lower cost of living fool you - Brisbane still offers the full city experience, giving you the best of both worlds!

Student-friendly city

As a student-centric city, you'll find a ton of useful discounts when you live and study here.

You can save on everything from food to transport with a valid student card! Read this blog post for more of our favourite free and cheap things to do in Brisbane!