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Academia Alumni offers our graduates an opportunity to stay connected and leverage the Academia Alumni network for personal, business and industry growth. All graduates of Academia Institute automatically become members of our alumni program where they receive newsletters, contribute with student profiles plus attend events tailored specifically for our Alumni.

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It turned out to be the best decision I made about my studying
Share your story - Martha Svitskaya

Martha Svitskaya

I chose Academia International to study Certificate III in Childcare because they were enrolling twice a year. I read a lot of good reviews and made my choice.

It turned out to be the best decision I made about my studying.

I enjoyed studying there. I felt welcome and supported throughout my whole time from the moment I enrolled to the moment I finished my certificate III in Childcare.

I had a wonderful teacher who was charging us with energy and love for children every single day making our lessons fun! I learned a lot!

I love how they organized work placement and First Aid certificates courses.

Thank you so much! You’re doing a great job!

Alumni story, Wayne Onray
Share your story - Wayne Onray

Wayne Onray

Wayne completed Certificates III and IV in Commercial Cookery, followed by the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management. Wayne graduated in April 2019.

After studying and working in Hospitality in Australia, Wayne returned to his home in Sri Lanka to be with his family. He has become famous being featured in 'The Sunday Times':

  1. Creating platters stems from his experience working for the Australian (Tennis) Open and an Italian Restaurant called Via Condotti, where he refined his skills under a Sicilian Head chef – Stephanie Caldarera.
  2. Wayne looks back on his experience in Australia as a fortunate opportunity for challenging though it was, he is now seeing the results of it. His days would be pretty hectic, but there were the rewarding moments such as when he got the chance to prepare and serve food for Tennis star Serena Williams.
  3. Read more about Wayne; The dude with food: Gastronomic delights with a homely touch

Wayne has had his Antipasto grazing platter featured on a one-page spread in Sri Lanka's number one fashion magazine (pictured).

A place that made me dream of my future
Share your story - Yeongseon Ham

Yeongseon Ham

My name is Yeongseon HAM, a student who studied the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care in October 2014 and graduated in April 2016. After completing my diploma, I continued my career at the childcare centre where I worked in Melbourne to apply for a Graduate Visa and I’ve obtained the Graduate Visa.

While I was working in Melbourne, I was fortunate to find a childcare centre that wanted to sponsor me to apply for an RSMS visa as a group leader in Darwin. At that time, there was a lot of news talking about immigration law was getting stricter so I have decided to move to Darwin to take the job as a group leader at the center in Darwin in July 2017. After applying for the RSMS visa in January 2018, I finally got my permanent residency in February 2019.

Before I started studying at Academia, I exchanged many e-mails with the marketing manager in Academia and had many consultation sessions with him. After I started my course with Academia, every time I met him at school, I remember the grateful memories of his greeting and so many important information shared by him.

Academia was not just a place where I finished my diploma, but a place that made me dream of my future, and by studying with my Academia friends, it was a place that gave me a better understanding of their culture and a mindset that respects cultural diversity. It was a place that made me feel precious, and although it was still in its infancy, it was the place that made my dream in Australia come true. Studying at Academia was an excellent choice and I feel proud of my choice.

I would love to see all Academia staff and greet you if I have a chance to go to Melbourne. Thank you for always working hard for the students.

Wish you are all healthy and hope to see you again soon.

Thanks for all the instructor at the Academia
Share your story - Yu-Ting Kao

Yu-Ting Kao

I am Yu-Ting Kao, I was graduated from Academia school. I was studying hospitality management courses in patisserie. Thanks for all the instructor at the Academia, they helped me apply for an internship at the Sofitel on the Gold Coast. When my internship finished, I got a job offer at this hotel, so I started working in the pastry kitchen while continuing to attend classes. I took an Advanced Diploma while working until I graduated in December 2019 and applied for a graduate visa in Australia, which was approved in September 2020.

During the Covid-19, the Sofitel was closed temporarily, so I went to the cafe where the pastry head chef who I worked with at the Sofitel together to continue working. Currently I work at Tarte bakery at Burleigh Heads. I love what I learned in the pastry career. I really thank you for the internship and training provided by the Academia school, so that I can take up my position.

I’ve been working at Sofitel Gold Coast Broad beach since April 2018
Share your story - Hsiao-Han Chiu

Hsiao-Han Chiu

My name is HSIAO-HAN CHIU, most of my friends and coworkers called me ANNIE. I was major in Management of Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) at Academia Brisbane campus. I’ve been working at Sofitel Gold Coast Broad beach since April 2018. When the Covid-19 got serious in Queensland, I got stood down for 2 months. Thanks for Queensland Government had great controlling of Covid so I could go back to work soon. Now I’m on Bridging Visa, waiting for 485 Graduate Visa and the hotel is doing quarantine for those who come back from overseas or other states. It’s a totally new experience!

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