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Commercial Cookery Courses Melbourne

Learn (and live!) in one of Australia’s most dynamic and cultured cities: study commercial cookery at Academia’s Melbourne campus!

Learn to cook while living it up in one of the world’s most liveable cities: Melbourne!

Academia welcomes Australian, New Zealand, and international students to this great city, helping you not only excel in the classroom, but also make the most of living here.

If you’ve dreamed about turning your passion in the kitchen into a career as a qualified cook, our cooking classes are an important first step!

As Australia’s food capital, there are plenty of opportunities for passionate, talented commercial cookery students like yourself. Before you enter the exciting hospitality industry however, you’ll need the right skills and qualifications, first!

Enrol in Academia’s commercial cookery courses today to get your foot in the door. We can’t wait to welcome you to Melbourne!

Study Commercial Cookery in Melbourne

So you want to study commercial cookery. While there are institutions and schools all over Australia that can turn you into a qualified cook, there are few that can give you the sort of training our Melbourne campus can.

Our culinary school in Melbourne offers a wonderful, collaborative environment in which you will love to learn!

What makes Melbourne so student friendly, and why do students from Australia and around the world choose to study commercial cookery here?

Public Transport

Need to get around? Melbourne has you covered.

Trams, trains and buses make up Melbourne’s extensive public transport network. Thanks to our central location in Melbourne’s CBD, you’re never more than a few steps from a bus or tram stop, or a train station.

Public Transport Victoria also offers great concession fees for students (find out more here). Not only that, but travel within the CBD itself is 100% free thanks to Melbourne’s free tram zone!

Great Entertainment Scene

Your commercial cookery studies are important - however, they aren’t everything! It’s important that you take the time out to de-stress and enjoy yourself while studying in Melbourne.

From concerts and street festivals to the arts, music, and theatre, Melbourne is known for having one of the best entertainment scenes in Australia. We believe your life shouldn’t be all work and study - luckily, our Melbourne campus lets you enjoy life while you study!

No matter your budget or your taste, you’ll always find something cool to attend, watch, or visit when you need to de-stress, kill time or celebrate a good result in a test or workshop.

Foodie Culture

As Australia’s undisputed foodie capital, there’s really no better place to study commercial cookery than in Melbourne!

With its vibrant food culture, you can find inspiration wherever you look, seek out job opportunities once you graduate and expand your horizons both as a food lover and a commercial cookery student.

If there was ever a city that was tailor-made for commercial cookery students like you, it’s Melbourne!

Exceptional Education Facilities

Melbourne is home to some of Australia’s best institutions - and Academia is one of them!

Whether you’re an Australian or international student, you’ll have the opportunity to hone your craft in some of the country's best facilities.

Our workshops are designed to replicate real world kitchens as much as possible, and we offer excellent classrooms and resources for the theory half of your commercial cookery course.

Our awards and accolades speak for themselves, but it’s also the tight-knit community that makes our students feel truly valued and welcome during their studies.

Academia’s Commercial Cooking Courses Melbourne

You’ve decided you want to study commercial cookery in Melbourne. Now for the next question: where should you enrol?

If you’re looking for an institution where your instructors will remember your name, where the counsellors will be able to give you the one-on-one advice you need and which focuses on giving you the real-world experience you need to succeed as a commercial cook, you’ve come to the right place.

Academia offers a range of commercial cookery courses at our Melbourne campus, all taught by industry experts and delivered with our trademark focus on preparing you for work.

academia's commercial cookery courses melbourne

Study commercial cookery with Academia

Ranging from the kitchen basics to more sophisticated techniques, our culinary school in Melbourne prepares you for a career in the kitchen:

  1. Certificate III: lay the groundwork of your career with a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
  2. Certificate IV: take your career further with training in more advanced techniques, as well as managerial skills

Whether you’re only just starting out or aiming to increase your promotion potential, our commercial cookery courses can help you get there!

Find out more about the Commercial Cookery courses in Melbourne Academia offers.

Study patisserie with Academia

Have a sweet tooth? If you want a commercial cookery course that lets you indulge your love of desserts and pastries, patisserie is just what you’re looking for!

  1. Certificate III in Patisserie: learn how to produce and decorate cakes, pastries both sweet and savoury, artisan breads, petit fours prepare and much more - all the skills you need to work as a dessert chef or in a bakery
  2. Certificate IV in Patisserie: majors in chocolate and sugar work in addition to building on the skills you’ll learn as part of your Certificate III, you’ll also learn essential management and planning skills to take your career even further

Like our commercial cookery courses, patisserie students like yourself will find themselves spending a lot of time in workshops that replicate real-world bakeries, allowing you to hone your craft and leave ready for whatever your career may hold.

Study hospitality management with Academia

Available either as a standalone or “embedded” in a commercial cookery course, our hospitality management courses are perfect if you want to eventually take your career out of the kitchen.

  1. Diploma of Hospitality Management: a focus on out-of-kitchen skills allows you to take your career to other parts of the hospitality industry
  2. Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management: learn high-level skills like hiring, building business relationships and leadership and management skills

With commercial cookery, patisserie and operation streams available, hospitality management leaves you with a broader range of hospitality skills - you may find yourself working all over the industry!

Nationally Recognised Aged Care Courses

Nationally recognised training (NRT) consists of Training Package Qualifications and Skill sets, Accredited Qualifications and Courses, Unit of Competency, and Accredited Modules that leads to vocational qualifications and credentials that are recognised across Australia