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Aged Care & Community Services Courses Melbourne

More than just a quality education - study aged care & community services in Melbourne & Brisbane, and you’ll get to enjoy life in one of the world’s most liveable cities

There’s a reason Melbourne was voted the world’s most livable city 7 years in a row! In fact, there are a whole lot of reasons:

  1. Bustling city lifestyle
  2. Vibrant multicultural society
  3. Real foodie culture
  4. Excellent public transport and infrastructure
  5. Art, music and sports

There’s always something exciting going on in Melbourne, so it’s not too hard to see why students love not only studying here, but living here, too.

By offering our aged care & community services courses at our Melbourne campus, you can enjoy everything this fantastic city has to offer as well!

Located in the centre of the city, Academia’s Melbourne campus is easily accessible by a range of public transport. We’re less than 5 minutes by foot from Melbourne Central train station and just a few steps away from a number of bus and tram routes.

Whether you’re an international student, interstate, or have grown up right here in Melbourne, Academia is the place to start your journey into the aged care & community services industry.

Victorian students are eligible for government funding

Academia’s aged care & community services courses in Melbourne are covered by the Victorian state government’s Skills First Funding scheme. If you’re an eligible student, you can kick off your aged care career for free!

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Start your aged care & community services career by studying with Academia

Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing and Disability)

Code: CHC33021

With a mix of classroom and workshop learning that focus on preparing you for your career, the Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing and Disability) lays the groundwork for your career.

  1. 150 hours mandatory work placement (Academia offers up to 150 hours to ensure students graduate job ready and maximise their job prospects)
  2. Fully-equipped workshops replicate real-world workplaces
  3. Duration: 52 weeks

All of which prepares you for work in both home care and aged care facilities, teaching you a wide variety of applicable skills you’ll use every day in your career.

Certificate IV in Ageing Support

Code: CHC43015

Want to take your career to the next level?

This Certificate builds on your existing knowledge, preparing you for more senior positions.

  1. 120 hours mandatory work placement (Academia offers up to 120 hours to ensure students graduate job ready and maximise their job prospects)
  2. Duration: 78 weeks
  3. Learn addition responsibilities and management skills advance your career

This course also contains all the content from the Certificate III - that means you don’t have to complete the Certificate III before enrolling in this course.

Diploma of Community Services

Code: CHC52021

Diploma of Community Services provides you with specialised skills in community services while working autonomously under broad directions from senior management.

Strive for a leadership role with the right qualification: with your Diploma of Community Services, you will maximise your employment potential and the best way to do this is through this course and its industry work placement.

  1. 200 hours mandatory work placement (Academia offers up to 200 hours to ensure students graduate job ready and maximise their job prospects)
  2. Duration: 78 weeks
  3. Learn addition responsibilities and management skills advance your career

A focus on making you job-ready

Preparing you for life as an aged carer in private care, community services or aged care facilities

There’s no better teacher than experience!

While classroom learning can help you prepare, the best way to learn everything you’ll need in your career is by doing.

Comprehensive workshop

On top of classrooms, our aged care courses include workshop sessions designed to replicate real-world aged care & community services facilities, giving you experience with the “tools of the trade”.

Mandatory work placement

Our aged care & community services courses in Melbourne come with a mandatory work placement, giving you the opportunity to put everything you’ve learned into practice.

Industry connections

Our institute has strong connections with dozens of licensed aged care & community services facilities and providers throughout Melbourne’s aged care & community services industry - connections you can use to find a work placement, or even ongoing employment!

Study Aged Care & Community Services in Melbourne

Student-friendly Town

From student discounts to social events and everything in between, Melbourne welcomes both international and local students with open arms!

Whether you want to find a study group or make new friends, doing so is easy in Melbourne. Our student-friendly city makes learning truly enjoyable, and we know you’ll just love studying here!

Great Public Transport

Melbourne’s public transport network is one of the most extensive in the entire country!

When in Melbourne, you’ll find it easy to get around with our huge network of bus, train, and tram routes. Using Melbourne’s public transport is easy. Just make sure you get a Myki (our public transport ticket), load some cash onto it, and tap your card before you travel!

Global Recognition

Melbourne has been globally recognised as one of the best cities in the world when it comes to our quality of education.

World-leading learning, delivered by qualified and nurturing teachers in modern, student-friendly facilities makes it easy to see why the world sees us as a benchmark in education.

Escape the City Within Just an Hour!

We may be a bustling city, but if you ever want to escape the big smoke, doing so from the city centre is only a short drive away.

Discover regional cities like Bendigo and Daylesford or head either way down our coast to famous beach towns including Torquay and Blairgowrie.

A great idea for a weekend day trip with friends!

Discover more about our Melbourne campus here, and don’t hesitate to contact us today with any questions you may have about our Aged Care courses in Melbourne with Academia.

Nationally Recognised Aged Care Courses

Nationally recognised training (NRT) consists of Training Package Qualifications and Skill sets, Accredited Qualifications and Courses, Unit of Competency, and Accredited Modules that leads to vocational qualifications and credentials that are recognised across Australia