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Continue your studies online with our world-class digital resources!

Using the latest in digital technology, our LMS allows you to continue learning even when you’re at home or unable to come into class.

  1. Access learning resources
  2. View assignment rubrics
  3. Communicate with instructors and students
  4. Stream classroom lessons
  5. Use additional resources and support

As a browser-based application, LMS allows you to access all of our theory-based classes online from any device (or location) with an internet connection.

Are you an Australian Citizen; a holder of a Permanent Visa or a New Zealand citizen?

You may be eligible to study under Government Funding

Learn about Government funding here

Study in Melbourne and Brisbane

With two campuses located in the heart of Melbourne and Brisbane CBD, the multi-award winning Academia Institute is one of Australia’s top-performing learning institutes.

Local and international students enjoy hands-on learning in a supportive and skill enriching environment that helps prepare them for a rewarding career!

Campuses - 360o views
Campuses - Locations

Melbourne campus 360o view

399 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000 - Australia
360° view
Academia Melbourne campus

Brisbane campus 360° view

41 Raff Street, Brisbane Queensland 4000 - Australia
360° view
Academia Brisbane campus

Melbourne campus location

399 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000 - Australia
map view
Academia Melbourne campus

Study in Melbourne

Music. Food. Art. Shops. Melbourne has it all!

With our location in the centre of the CBD, students at our Melbourne campus are only a couple of minutes’ walk away from all of these attractions, as well extensive public transport!

Whether you’re an international student exploring a new city, or simply on a break between classes, you can experience everything on offer in Australia’s most dynamic city - all while receiving world-class training and education.

Brisbane campus location

41 Raff Street, Brisbane Queensland 4000 - Australia
map view
Academia Brisbane campus

Study in Brisbane

Study in Australia’s Sunshine State!

As a mid-sized institution, our Brisbane campus allows us to provide students with more personalised and individualised education and support.

Did you know that more than 80,000 international students have chosen this "new world" city to complete their studies?

You could be next! Study with Academia in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD.

Your future awaits!

Education and Industry Awards

Academia Institute is proud to be recognised at a national level by both the industry and the Australian Government.

We are honoured to have received many awards over the years including most recently the Victorian Government’s Excellence in International Education - Private Education and Training award in 2018 issued once every two years.

Victorian government’s excellence in international education – Private education and training, 2018

Winner of Excellence in International Education – Victorian Private Education and Training Provider of the Year 2018

International provider of the year 2012- 2013 winner

Academia was Announced The Winner of Excellence in International Education - Victorian Private Education and Training Provider of the year 2013

International provider of the year 2013 winner

International Provider of the Year 2013 Winner

International provider of the year 2012 winner

International Provider of the Year 2012 Winner

Outstanding partnership award 2012

Outstanding Partnership Award 2012

Industry initiative of the year 2012 - Finalist top 2

Industry Initiative of the Year 2012 Finalist Top 2

Academia finalist for the Victorian training awards 2009 top 3

Academia FINALIST for the Victorian Training Awards 2009 Top 3

Top 2 culinary pro am 2007

Top 2 Culinary Pro Am 2007

What courses can you study at Academia?

From English courses that help you improve your everyday English language skills or which prepare you for further education, to childcare courses, hospitality courses, and commercial cookery courses, Academia represents a broad range of educational options for its students that set them up for a rewarding career.

Most courses include internships ensuring our students graduate work ready.

Our courses are listed below by department and are fully approved and accredited by the Government of Australia.

English Courses Melbourne Australia

English Courses

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Academia is proud to offer NEAS-approved English courses at our Melbourne campus. NEAS, the world leader in English Quality Assurance has given Academia Melbourne Campus its highest Quality Endorsed Centre endorsement.

Learn English or prepare for your IELTS test in a friendly, supporting, and encouraging environment, where you - the student - are the top priority!

Are you an overseas student who:

  1. Wants to live in Australia?
  2. Meets the entry requirements at an Australian university?
  3. Needs to improve your IELTS band?

Academia offers English courses in Melbourne that can help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be!

Hospitality Courses in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia

Hospitality Management Courses

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During your studies, you’ll also be exposed to hands-on experience in some of the best hotels and restaurants in Brisbane and Melbourne.

With a focus on preparing you for management and senior leadership roles both in and out of the kitchen, our hospitality management courses can help you take the next step in your hospitality career!

Academia’s hospitality management courses in Melbourne and Brisbane are separated by stream, allowing you to specialise in your chosen field. They can also be completed on their own or in conjunction with our commercial cookery and patisserie courses.

Commercial Cookery Courses in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia

Commercial Cookery Courses

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Passionate in the kitchen? Transform a hobby into a career with our commercial cookery courses!

You’ve got a love for food. Now all you need are the skills to make a career out of it.

Academia’s commercial cookery courses will help you start a long and rewarding career in one of Australia’s most in-demand industries.

Beyond classroom learning, you’ll have the opportunity to complete placement within prestigious restaurants and hotels.

Cooking and Patisserie Courses in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia

Patisserie Courses

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Who doesn’t love desserts? Combine your love for food and art with one of our creative and immersive Patisserie Courses!

A patisserie specialisation can open the door to a range of job opportunities, and allow current hospitality professionals to develop a more well-rounded skill set.

Whether you want to start your own bakery or make the jump towards specialising in making desserts and cakes, bring out your artistic flair with our Patisserie courses in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Childcare Courses in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia

Childcare Courses

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Looking for work that’s social and meaningful? Aged care might be just the ticket.

Thanks to Australia’s ageing population, demand for aged care services is expected to increase dramatically over the coming years. That means plentiful job opportunities in the aged care sector.

Make a difference - start by enrolling in an aged care course today.

Aged Courses in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia

Aged Care Courses

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When you study aged care, you’ll learn a multitude of skills in order to empower and care for the elderly.

Compassionate students go on to enjoy rewarding careers in aged care facilities or residential-based environments..

Beauty Therapy Courses in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia

Beauty Therapy & Hairdressing Courses

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Our beauty courses are for the artist in you!

The latest tools, technology, and education help transform students into career-ready professionals in the hairdressing and beauty industry. Lights, camera, action!

Why study in Australia with Academia?

Preparing for your future starts by choosing the right Certificate or Diploma.

There are many training institutions in Australia that could help you achieve that goal. So why choose ours?

We’re a medium-sized institution

As a medium-sized institution, we’re able to offer our students the best of both worlds. Unlike a larger institution, you’ll receive levels of one-on-one attention and support that wouldn’t be possible with a larger student body.

At the same time, we’re also better-resourced than a smaller institution. We have larger workshops, and are able to attract high-quality instructors who bring with them years of experience not just teaching, but in their industry as well.

We offer a range of student resources

For overseas students in particular, our resource centre will help get you settled, assisting you with student visa requirements, accommodation, part-time work and more.

In addition to qualified course counsellors who can guide you and help you make a decision, we also offer a range of other resources.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) allows you to access coursework and student resources, talk to other students and communicate with your instructors from anywhere with an internet connection.

We have a focus on hands-on learning

We believe that people learn better by doing, not observing.

To that end, many of our courses in Melbourne and Brisbane feature a heavy emphasis on practical learning, with many of your lessons conducted in workshops instead of the classroom.

Both of our campuses feature well-stocked and up-to-date workshops, complete with all the equipment and tools you will use once you graduate.

We offer placements that prepare you for work

It’s one thing to practice essential skills in a workshop - it’s another to do it in a real workplace. That’s why many of our courses also include a work placement requirement.

Thanks to strong relationships across a range of industries, we are able to provide you with the sort of learning only a real workplace can provide, turning you into the most capable and work-ready candidate.