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$250 per week (reduced from $270/week)
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Now we are delivering on-campus classes

Which allows students studying face to face in classroom

Improve your English and achieve your goals: Study English in Melbourne!

What are your goals? Are they to...

  1. Enrol in an Australian university?
  2. Live and work in Australia?
  3. Simply make your life in Australia easier?

Whatever it is, you can do it… provided that you improve your English first!

For many international students, good English is crucial.

All our English courses in Melbourne now run four days a week (20 hours), with one day of FREE optional extra classes and activities to improve your spoken and written English even further.


“Try before you buy”

Our English teachers average 8 to 10 years of teaching experience. With in class and extra-curricular activities, our students are supported to attain a higher English proficiency over a shorter time frame. We are so confident of this to offer a free trial lesson for our prospective students to experience our quality of teaching, facilities and student support as shown in our many awards see: Academia's awards

If you are already in Australia, then “try before you buy” by visiting us to attend a Free English Lesson.

Enquire for our latest English course discounts not listed on our website.

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English courses in Melbourne for international students

English for General Purposes

Code: 074238K

Improve your confidence in English through our GE courses!

With a focus on everyday English, you will learn proper pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary that will make your life in Australia much easier.

Recently moved down under? Do you want to quickly improve your English fluency? If so, English for General Purposes is just what you need.

English for Academic Purposes

Code: 064320K

Are you hoping to study further in Australia? Then our EAP course is perfect for you!

The type of English used at universities is very different from ordinary day-to-day English. You will need to use more formal language, write essays, read reports, listen to lectures and make speeches.

This course will help you graduate with distinction, teaching you all the English skills you need to succeed at an Australian university, college, or further tertiary education.

English for IELTS Preparation

Code: 068514A

The IELTS test is recognised worldwide, and a suitable score is a requirement for many colleges and universities for international students, as well as many multinational companies and immigration tests.

This course will help build your confidence and prepare you for the test!

Achieve the IELTS band you need with a course that teaches you exactly what to expect on your upcoming IELTS test, and how you can excel at it.

FREE extra activities to improve your English

Improve your comprehension of the English language outside of the classroom. These activities are optional and 100% free! Not to mention, they are also a great way for international students like you to make new friends!

Conversation Club

This class is ideal for students who want to:

  1. Practice their speaking skills
  2. Meet and socialise with students from different classes
  3. Discuss a variety of topics

Pronunciation Club

This class is helpful for students who want to:

  1. Improve their pronunciation
  2. Improve their fluency and sound more natural
  3. Understand different accents

Job Club

This private one-on-one class will help you to:

  1. Write a resume/CV
  2. Write a professional cover letter
  3. Practice answering interview questions

Writing Extra

This class is useful for students who want to:

  1. Improve their writing skills
  2. learn how to write a good topic sentence, paragraph and essay
  3. learn how to plan, draft and edit a piece of writing

Movie Club

This class is perfect for students who want to:

  1. watch and talk about movies in English
  2. practice their speaking, listening and writing skills
  3. meet and socialise with students from different classes

Social Activities

To get the best out of your learning experience learning in Australia, Academia organises social and leisure activities every 5 weeks. These include:

  1. Zoo trips
  2. Glow Golf
  3. Pub quiz events
  4. Student parties
  5. Sporting events
  6. Book club
  7. Gallery visits

English courses in Australia - with a difference

We’re different to the other English schools in Melbourne

  1. We are not a large institute. And we don’t want to be!
  2. As a medium-sized institute, you’ll learn in an enriching and close-knit space.
  3. If you are only just moving to Melbourne, you can ask our team for help! We will help you:
    1. Find a place to live
    2. Apply for a job
    3. Understand Australian laws

Why Choose Academia’s English Courses?

Academia has been pleased to welcome international students to its learning centres since 2005.

Students choose Academia to study English for:

  1. Our balanced nationality mix in each class
  2. A friendly, warm and supportive environment
  3. The opportunity to mix with students studying vocational courses

Academia International is a full member of English Australia, along with other language schools including Deakin University English Language Institute, Hawthorn English Language Centre, and RMIT English Worldwide.

We’re committed to delivering the best possible language teaching and support services for international students who wish to learn English.

Quality Learning Facilities

Our campus in Melbourne’s CBD is modern and high-tech. You will enjoy learning spacious with free internet to help build a better learning environment.

We’re known as a leader in quality tuition and have been recognised through various awards from both the industry and the Australian Government.

Experienced Trainers

You want a teacher that speaks English natively. That’s just what we offer.

Our trainers don’t just speak English as their first language, however:

  1. They all have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree, and a Certificate IV in TESOL
  2. A number have a Masters in English teaching related studies
  3. They have an average of 5 years’ experience teaming English to international students


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