Best Training Fees And Options For Students

A major worry for anyone wanting training is fees. The training market is huge, and the size and range of fees is considerable. Some people are understandably baffled by training fee options, concerned about the many “pay later” schemes and sometimes not even sure what a basic scheme like Austudy can do for them. Actually, to study in Australia, the fees are pretty simple to understand, when you know how.

Getting some sense out of fee structures

Fee structures are based on a series of course-related charges. Each course has a fee structure which charges in relation to:

  • Materials
  • Tuition fees
  • Term payment options
  • Eligibility options for discounts for students

The reason for this type of structure is that course preferences and eligibilities vary between students, as well as between courses. This allows students to make informed choices regarding their fee options. It also provides useful information regarding funding needs.

Pricing a course is easy

Prices for courses are all revealed upfront by colleges, clearly laid out with options. Some fees are based on multiple qualifications, like package deals. Business courses, like a Certificate IV in business, combined with a Diploma of Marketing are typical examples of multiple qualifications options. The fee structure in these cases is based on useful mixes of practical progressions in qualifications for students.

Fee support- What’s available, and what you need

Fee support for those who study in Australia is really quite good. Government funding can be very effective in dealing with fee worries, and there are a range of initiatives which can also help end


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