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English for Academic Purposes

Are you eager to continue your studies at an Australian university or college? Then this English course is for you!

Academia’s English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses prepare students for further studies in Australian institutions.

There are two levels offered at Academia, Upper Intermediate (EAP 1) and Advanced (EAP 2). More information on these levels is below.

Courses start every week and run from Monday to Thursday, totalling 20 hours per week.

On Fridays, students can take advantage of optional extra lessons and social activities at no extra cost! Find out more about these FREE extra classes to enhance your English.

English Only Promotion 1st of July to 31st of October 2019

English course fee

$190 per week + $10 per week materials

English Plus Vocational Course Packaged Enrolment Promotion

Students who wish to enrol in a packaged English PLUS Vocational Course enrolment (E.g. English Plus Diploma of Hospitality Majoring in Commercial Cookery or English PLUS Certificate IV in Ageing Services etc) you pay a further reduced price only for your English course of:

$180/week plus $10/week in Materials.

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What skills are acquired during EAP?

Studies in EAP courses will focus on academic English, especially regarding reading and writing skills.

During this course, you will write essays, prepare and make presentations, and read and summarise articles.

Course Materials

All students are provided with a course book, and supplementary materials will also be provided.

NEAS Quality Audit

Academia International achieves quality outcomes in all criteria in its most recent NEAS Quality Audit, achieving the highest possible result. NEAS is a global leader in quality assurance for the English Language Teaching (ELT) sector. Academia’s English Centre in Melbourne has received NEAS highest endorsement

English for Academic Purposes Levels


Students entering EAP 1 will need to achieve an Upper-Intermediate (GE5) level of our General English course (IELTS score of approximately 5.0).


Students who complete EAP 1 will be eligible to enter EAP 2.

EAP 2 is designed to prepare you for university, so students must achieve an Upper-Intermediate or Advanced level of English to enter (IELTS score of approximately 5.5).

English for Academic Purposes Course Details

Academia is endorsed by NEAS

Course Name: English for Academic Purposes
CRICOS Code: 064320K
CRICOS Duration: 5 to 20 Weeks registered on CRICOS, including tuition plus course breaks
Duration: five (5) to Twenty (20) weeks full time

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