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Academia International in Melbourne and Brisbane
Our response to COVID-19!

Although 2022 is a transition year for the world, as it navigates to full recovery from the COVID – 19 Pandemic, Academia International Institute has returned to full face to face delivery with online support to students where necessary.

We want to thank our students who volunteered during the early lockdowns, in both Melbourne and Brisbane, to cook for their fellow students suffering the greatest difficulties. Our students utilized supplies and facilities, supported by trainers and facilities provided by your institute. We are pleased to also note that any unused ready-made meals were donated to local charities.

We also want to thank our students for their patience in working with your teachers and academic coordinators during the many pivots between face to face and online training over 2020 and 2021. Melbourne, in particular, had gone through 7 lockdowns requiring 8 pivots from face to face to online training with Brisbane 4. We want to thank our trainers and academic Coordinators who rescheduled over 2000 enrolments each with an average of 20 subjects with each subject in turn having a number of assessments some that occurred at the workplace that were also closed during lockdowns. Course / unit reschedules numbered in the tens of thousands.

We are delighted that over these two years, our students met their course requirements in full, with the sound knowledge that they have graduated or about to graduate with an uncompromised Academia International qualification.

Finally, we want to thank our emergency and health professionals who had sacrificed inordinate amount of hours (and in many instances, still are) by being at the forefront of this health crisis. We want to also acknowledge our Aged Care students with many residing in quarantine for many months whilst studying online even when Melbourne and Brisbane were temporarily coming out of lockdowns. By doing so, our aged care students ensured their Aged Care residents, being the most vulnerable in our community, were protected.

Although we are yet to be free of the COVID-19 pandemic, please ensure you maintain COVID safe practices and utilise the many support services established in both Melbourne and Brisbane by state and federal Governments.

  1. For Melbourne see https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/
  2. For Brisbane see https://www.qld.gov.au/health/conditions/health-alerts/coronavirus-covid-19
  3. Students with financial difficulties due to COVID-19, check eligibility in Crisis Payment for National Health Emergency (COVID-19)

Your student services team at each campus is available to answer your queries.


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Archived Academia’s response to COVID-19 no longer current see archived web page