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Application Process for International Students

Admission Process

This page details the application for enrolment into Academia that is particular for an International Student.

After reviewing the Things to know before you apply page (link above), complete the following steps.

International Students Admission Process

Review the International Students Course Fees

Select the campus then faculty

(e.g. Hospitality) and course(s) (e.g. Certificate IV) you wish to study.

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Complete the Student Application Form Online

Letter of Offer

Successful applicants are issued a Letter of Offer which includes a written agreement and an invoice listing the costs of your selected course(s)



Overseas Student Program
Assessment Levels in The Department of Home Affairs web site

and ensure you understand the Genuine Temporary Entry Student Visa requirements as we may request these during your application.


Pay the following as per your Letter of Offer:

  1. Course fees deposit
  2. Equipment / Text Books / Student Kits
  3. Enrolment fees and
  4. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  5. Homestay / Accommodation and Airport Pickup fees if required

Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment form (eCoE)

Once we receive your payment, we will issue an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment form (eCoE) necessary for student visa processing. The form will be transmitted through the Internet to your Australian Embassy or Consulate. The original will be sent to you. You will need to login to the Department of Home Affairs and Online Protection’s website to apply for your student visa online using your eCoE unique identifier number which is displayed on the top right hand corner of your eCoE.