4 sweet reasons to enrol in a patisserie course in Melbourne

The Christmas holidays are over. And yet for some reason, you find your mind drifting back to Christmas prep – specifically, baking Christmas cakes, pies, pastries and all sorts of sweets and desserts.

Sometimes, you even catch yourself wondering “what if I made a career out of this?”

We here at Academia are big believers in the idea that you should love what you do. We offer a range of courses in all sorts of specialties to help you find that perfect career.

And that includes patisserie!

Our patisserie courses in Melbourne can help you turn your hobby into a fully fledged career – one where you’ll be constantly learning new things, challenging yourself and discovering new sweets all the time.

Need more convincing? Here are four considerations that might just make you take the first step towards getting qualified for a sweet career in patisserie!

Why study patisserie in Melbourne?

1) It’s creative, artistic work

Pastry chefs don’t just make – they create.

If you’re looking for creative work, patisserie might be just the ticket!

As you work in your home kitchen making cakes, pastries and desserts, you’re exercising your creativity – that’s one of the things that makes home cooking and baking so much fun

Working as a pastry chef, you’ll be able to express your artistic flair every day!

One day, you might be making filling chocolatines – the next, you could be decorating and sculpting a mind-blowing cake.

And if you land a job as the head of patisserie, you’ll even be able to create entire dessert menus on your own – how’s that for creativity and variety?

2) Fulfillment

Let’s not kid ourselves: working with your hands is plain fun, end of story.

Who doesn’t immediately feel satisfied being able to see the fruits of their labour taking shape right in front of them?

According to this psychologist, hands-on work satisfies an in-built desire to make things, and promotes psychological well being.

It’s this immediate feedback that makes professions such as pastry chef so instantly fulfilling and satisfying.

So, why not make a career out of it?

With a career in patisserie, you’ll be making and creating every single day. If you’re looking for rewarding, satisfying and fulfilling work, enrol in one of our patisserie courses in Melbourne today!

3) Plenty of job opportunities

As with any career change, one of the first things you should think about before studying patisserie is whether or not there are good job prospects.

Don’t worry, there’s no shame in thinking about your career moves this way – in fact, we encourage it!

Luckily, that isn’t something you’ll have to worry about when you enroll in one of our patisserie courses in Melbourne!

Everyone loves pastries and desserts – their answers should tell you everything you need to know – while the hospitality industry is constantly growing.

Hotels, restaurants, and even workshops are all looking for qualified pastry chefs. Should you become one of them, you’ll have the opportunity to join the ranks of many different organisations.

In addition to teaching you the ins and outs of patisserie, Academia’s patisserie courses will also connect you with some of Melbourne and Brisbane’s most elite establishments.

These won’t just give you real-world experience – you’ll also build connections that will help you find employment in the industry once you graduate!

4) You get to work with pastries, desserts and cakes every day

And really, isn’t that a sweet enough incentive on its own?

If you love making desserts, pastries and cakes, you should be seriously thinking about starting a career in patisserie!

Make a change – enrol in our patisserie course in Melbourne today!

So it’s settled: patisserie is going to be your next career move.

You’ve made a good choice!

However, there’s another important choice coming up that you’ll want to put considerable thought into: namely, where are you going to study patisserie?

If you live in Melbourne, the choice is obvious: Academia!

Certificate III in Patisserie

Learn all the essential skills you’ll need as a pastry chef with a Certificate III in Patisserie.

In addition to giving you a solid theoretical understanding of the work of a pastry or dessert chef, Academia’s course structure is tailored to provide the sort of training that only hands-on work can offer.

You won’t just work in one of our workshops – you’ll also be placed with one of our partner hotels, giving you a taste of the day-to-day life of a pastry chef.

Certificate IV in Patisserie

Looking to climb the ladder? A Certificate IV in Patisserie might be just what you need.

In addition to essential practical skills and hygiene training, a Certificate IV integrates additional units that focus on developing leadership and management skills. You’ll be trained in marketing, finance, budgeting and more.

If you have big career ambitions, this course is for you!

Study in Melbourne with Academia – call our team today!

Whether it’s patisserie or any other career choice, Academia can help.

With our focus on practical skills and hands-on training, there’s no better way to kick-start your career than by enrolling with Academia!

Some of the courses we offer include:

Get in touch with us now, and we’ll get you started, whether you’re a local or overseas student.