Daily Exercises to Increase Your English Vocabulary

Although you may be undertaking a formal course at an English language school, Australia offers many informal and spontaneous opportunities to increase your vocabulary. By taking advantage of the formal education, as well as a range of different exercises available to you, it is possible to effectively and rapidly increase your English vocabulary.

Online tools

In this technologically advanced age, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to online learning opportunities. While face-to-face education — such as the kind delivered in a formal English course (Melbourne and other Australian cities offer an impressive range of quality courses) — is usually the most effective way to increase your command of the language and English vocabulary, this can be positively supplemented with online activities.

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How to Improve Your English Skills By Watching Television

For years we have been led to believe that watching television while studying, or instead of studying, will rarely lead to any academic gain. It comes as a delight to some students to know that this belief has been somewhat turned on its head because watching television can assist some students of non-English speaking backgrounds to learn and develop confidence in speaking the English language.

Television can enhance the learning that occurs through a course at an English language school. Australia is home to many respected and credible training institutions.

How is this possible?

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