Tips On Becoming A Commercial Cookery Instructor

Earning a certificate or diploma in commercial cookery will allow you to choose from a variety of positions. While teaching is not part of the curriculum of these programs, you will be able to take what you know and teach others. Depending on the qualifications of cooking institutions and cooking programs, your education and real life experience working in a kitchen are assets when teaching others to become valuable members of any kitchen.
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Advice On Becoming A Sous Chef

If you interested in a career in commercial cookery and hospitality management, the courses you take will have a profound impact on the level of training you receive. The more you learn about kitchen staff management and customer service, the more valuable you will be to any establishment.

A sous chef literally means second in charge. Sous chefs work closely with head chefs in menu planning, creating and maintaining staff positions, and working with other managers when coordinating with dining staff. This position requires a great deal of theoretical cooking knowledge and personnel management.
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Why Hands-On Training In Commercial Cookery Is Important

While you will learn many skills in the classroom that can help further your career in the hospitality industry, hands-on training is also needed so mistakes can be made and corrected, and so you can get a sense of what it will be like to work in a full functioning kitchen after graduation.

Although at school you will learn the theory and practical application of cooking, it is very important to back this up with actual industry experience. If you are serious about achieving your goals in the hospitality industry you must be able to demonstrate that you know how to work under pressure, how to improvise in the workplace and also have the ability to work as a team member.
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Employment Opportunities In Commercial Cookery

If you are interested in a career in commercial cookery or you are finishing up your diploma, there are many wonderful opportunities for you to take advantage of once you graduate. Because most degree programs offer internships and hands-on learning in fully equipped kitchens, you will be prepared to not only prepare a wide variety of food, but also lead and instruct others. Some common careers include:
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