Subsidised online TAFE courses: leadership, management & marketing

Many of us have found interesting and new ways to help pass the time during COVID-19 lockdown.

For some, it’s getting back into hobbies that we left years ago. Others are taking the opportunity to gain new skills, like finally picking up that new language they’ve been wanting to learn for years.

And for some, they’re taking the chance to prepare themselves for management positions in the workplace and to further their career prospects once everything returns to normal.

And thanks to Victorian Skills First Funding, you might be eligible for a subsidised online course.

Subsidised TAFE courses: is it too good to be true?

Australians are enrolling in further education in ever-increasing numbers.

Stats from 2017 show that 56% of Australians hold some sort of post-schooling education.

And thanks to the Victorian government’s subsidised TAFE scheme, that number is on the rise.

Pre-pandemic, the Victorian state government was planning to subsidise a range of TAFE courses as part of its efforts to increase employability and reduce barriers to education.

Running since 2019, this scheme came into effect at the perfect time for the thousands of Victorians who found themselves spending a lot more time at home and in need of a way to pass the time (while also increasing their employability prospects for once this is all over!)

What criteria must be met?

As with any government program, there are certain criteria you’ll need to meet in order to be eligible for subsidised TAFE.

To be eligible for the Victorian Government’s skills first funding you must be:

  • An Australian Citizen or Australian Permanent Resident or a New Zealand Citizen AND
  • You live in Victoria at the time of your studies AND
  • You’re aged under 20 (regardless of any other qualifications you hold) OR
  • If you’re older than 20, you only hold a qualification lower than what you wish to study

If you meet the above categories, you qualify!

Study leadership, management and marketing online

What makes a good leader or manager?

It’s tough – there are a range of different qualities that a good manager or leader needs to possess. Some people are lucky enough to be born with an innate sense for how to manage and lead other people.

Luckily, for the rest of us these skills can be taught thanks to institutions like our business, marketing and management school.

Our leadership, management and marketing courses combine “soft” (interpersonal and communication) skills with “hard” (technical) skills to turn you into a well-rounded manager and leader.

Subsidised TAFE course: management

Not all managers are leaders, and not all good leaders are managers!

While they sound similar, these are actually two completely different things, both of which require different skill sets.

Management at its heart is about logistics – it’s about looking after resources, timetables and ensuring that your team is functioning as it should.

While leadership is an important part of what makes a good manager, it’s only one part of the equation.

Our management courses focus on teaching you the rest of the equation, including:

  • Time-management and scheduling techniques
  • Organisational processes and systems
  • Management theories and frameworks
  • Budgeting, organisational and administrative skills

Is it possible to teach leadership?


While some people are born leaders, for the rest of us, leadership skills can be taught!

Our leadership courses focus on helping you manage relationships within your team, motivate and inspire action.

That includes a focus on:

  • Fostering innovation
  • Negotiation
  • Conflict resolution

Want to enroll in a subsidised TAFE course that can help you out no matter where your career takes you? Our leadership courses are a great place to start!

Subsidised TAFE course: marketing

Are you the owner of a small business? Looking for a way to pass the time AND help your businesses bounce back when you re-open?

If so, a marketing course might be just what you need.

A lot of business owners use their gut for all their marketing efforts. The truth is however that marketing is much more complicated than that!

In addition to deciding on how you’re going to advertise your business, marketing also involves:

  • Looking at data and statistics to calculate your ROI
  • Evaluating the performance of different marketing techniques against each-other
  • Product development and pricing
  • Strategising and planning

Want to hit the ground running? Consider choosing marketing as your subsidised TAFE course!

What other subsidised TAFE courses are available?

Of course, it isn’t just management, leadership and marketing courses that are now available at highly subsidised rates for eligible Victorians..

The list also includes many of the certificates and diplomas we offer here at Academia, including:

Learning online: how does it work?

While we can’t speak for other institutions, at Academia, we’ve set up our online learning system to mirror an in-person class as much as possible.

Instead of simply setting up a conference call and emailing worksheets to you, we use a unique system that allows both students and instructors to interact with one another – just as if they were in the classroom!

Using a virtual whiteboard, our instructors are able to deliver course content in a manner that’s much closer to what you’re used to.

Not only that, but our system also allows you to break off with other students and form sub-groups to perform group work or privately discuss the content.

Combine that with the ability to access learning resources and materials from anywhere with an internet connection, as well as systems like group chats and message boards that replicate the social element that comes with in-person learning.

Enrol in a subsidised TAFE course online with Academia

When it comes to your education, you shouldn’t settle for any institute – rather, you should choose one that you know is going to give you the support that you need.

And that’s what Academia aiims to do, both for in-person classes as well as online ones.

As a medium-sized institution, you won’t be lost amongst a sea of faces – your instructors will recognise you, and have more time to offer one-on-one guidance. Not to mention, we also have more resources than a smaller institution.

The result? A better educational outcome for you.

As part of the Victorian Skills First Funding program we’re extending our course offerings to include subsidised TAFE courses including leadership, management and marketing courses.

And that’s on top of our regular courses!

With a robust online learning system that replicates the in-class experience, we allow you to continue learning from home and prepare you with useful skills that you can take with you into a range of industries.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade your skills online with Academia!
Get in touch with us by calling our Melbourne campus on (03) 9671 4755 or filling in this form – we’ll be in touch.