Our favourite student discounts while living and studying in Melbourne

At Academia, we want every student to reach their full potential, not only when it comes to obtaining their qualifications, but their lifestyle as a whole, while they are part of our family.

As such, we thought it’d be helpful to share some great local tips, discounts, and free activities you can enjoy while you’re studying and living in Melbourne.

From public transport tricks to local food that won’t break the bank, we hope your time at Academia is more than just study – it’s about living, too, after all!

Public transport

If you are studying in the city and living nearby, chances are you won’t have the desire or need for a car.

Not only is owning and maintaining a car expensive, but with Melbourne’s excellent public transport network, you simply don’t need it!

Best of all, students with a valid concession card can benefit from heavily reduced public transport fees – up to 50% off, in most cases!

Free Tram Zone

Additionally,the city of Melbourne is pleased to offer all patrons a FREE Tram Zone in the CBD.

That’s right – if you’re travelling in the city within this Zone, you can get from A to B without touching on your Myki.

The Free Tram Zone is bordered by Spring Street in the east, Flinders Street in the south, and La Trobe Street in the north.

The Zone extends to include Dockland and the Queen Victoria Market.

Regular announcements while on board will remind you if you are about to travel beyond the Zone, at which you will need to ensure you “touch on” your Myki ticket. View a map on PTV’s website here.

Remember, you must always travel with a valid ticket, except when travelling exclusively in the Free Tram Zone. Only valid student concession cards can apply for a concession Myki.


Food is the fuel that keeps Academia students going!

Whether you desire a quick study break or want to celebrate a milestone with close friends, food is essential!

What makes food even better?

Discounts and specials!

On our little block alone (that’s Lonsdale Street between Elizabeth and Queen Streets) there are countless cafes, restaurants, filled with all different types of cuisine as well as fabulous student and lunchtime discounts.

Here are a few of our favourites, all located within steps of our campus!

Cafe 358

Yummy and cheap banh mi? Yes please! Cafe 358 is lauded for its fresh and delicious sandwiches, and is located 130m from Academia.

They also offer cheap breakfast specials before 11am.

A25 Pizzeria

Located just downstairs from Academia on the corner of Hardware Lane, you’ll find A25 Pizzeria.

The lovely and bright cafe is a great spot for a catch up and delicious meal. A25 offers lunchtime specials on Mondays and Tuesdays – every Monday, any pizza is just $15, and the same goes on Tuesdays for their pasta menu.

Academia students also receive specials such as $2 for small and $3 for large coffees every day of the week and $12 for pizza or pasta Monday to Wednesdays.

Little Ramen Bar

Who doesn’t love the aromatic smell and flavourful taste of ramen?

At the Little Ramen Bar, the broth is prepared fresh daily from 5am. But all you need to do is show up and eat it!

Asian Beer Cafe

During O-Week particularly, Asian Beer Cafe offers students some great discounts, specials, and activities, but throughout the year, they also offer a lunchtime special of a meal + schooner of Grumpy Bastard beer.

Choose from a variety of options including Fish ‘N’ Chips and Classic Parma for just $15 between 11am and 3pm every day.


Melbourne Museum

Did you know that students with a valid concession card can enjoy FREE entry to Melbourne Museum?

Located in Nicholson Street, Carlton, the museum is easily accessible from the CBD via bus or tram


Over the Westgate Bridge just to the west of the city, you’ll find Scienceworks. This science museum and planetarium is a sure hit with kids and adults alike!

Students can enjoy free entry and benefit from great discounts on displays like the Planetarium Show and the Lightning Room Show.

Immigration Museum

Victoria (and Australia, in fact) is a cultural hub filled with people from a diverse mix of ethnicities and backgrounds.

If you want to discover more about Victoria’s fascinating immigration history, you can’t miss the Immigration Museum. It’s located on the corner of Flinders and Williams Streets. From Academia’s campus, hop on the 58 tram or 234 or 236 bus.

Studying and libraries

State Library of Victoria

As much a tourist attraction as it is a library, the State Library of Victoria is one of Melbourne’s most iconic sites.

Don’t forget, though, that you’re in a working library so keep noise to a minimum and make sure your mobile phone is switched to silent!

City Library

Getting to this Flinders Street public library from Academia is simple: just jump on the 19, 57, or 59 tram from Elizabeth Street (just outside Melbourne Central train station), and within a few minutes, hop off at Collins Street and complete the short 3-minute walk.

The City Library is open until 8pm from Monday to Thursday, 6pm Fridays, and 5pm on the weekends.

The Age student subscription discount

Did you know that The Age newspaper offers students a discount to their digital subscription?

All you need to do is register a valid student email address with UNiDAYS and login or sign-up here. Subscriptions start from just $1 per week for the entire duration that you’re a student!

Study in Melbourne today with Academia!

Whether you’re a local who was born and bred in Melbourne, or are an international student seeking an exciting adventure in Australia, Academia is ready to welcome you!

All of our courses – from English to Commercial Cookery, Accounting, and Childcare – are fully approved and accredited by the Government of Australia.

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3 free study tips that improve recall and retention

Studying can be a very time consuming and stressful activity.

If you’re not doing it well, it can feel like you’ve studied for hours and haven’t been able to retain anything. Or maybe you’ve found yourself reading the same line over and over again and still not understanding what it says (we’ve all been there!)

So, what are some completely free and effective study tips you can start implementing immediately?

Exercise creates more effective study habits than caffeine

A hot cup of coffee is everyone’s go to best friend for a late night study session.

What you might not know, is that the warm coffee cup on your desk is actually the devil in disguise. Caffeine may give you an instant energy high, but your energy levels will hit a downwards spiral that will leave you feeling stressed and overworked.

Our most important study tip is not to drink coffee when you’re feeling tired.

Trying fighting off the heavy eyelids and constant yawning with exercise, instead!

We aren’t telling you to leave your books and study desk behind to go on a 10km run.

Squat your way to a better mood!

No, instead, get up out of your chair and smash some quick-fire exercises, like 30 squats followed by a round of sit-ups and push-ups.

These are really good exercises to add to your study routine because they can be done in a small space and they don’t take long to perform.

In addition to keeping you alert, exercise will release hormones into your body that will put you in a good mood.

Coffee on the other hand releases a wide variety of hormones that aren’t so positive.

You can’t deny that you’re more likely to keep studying and stay focused if you’re in a good mood rather than stressed out and hitting the burn-out period in your caffeine high.

Find a quiet area free from distractions to study effectively

Your study area can greatly contribute to your brain’s ability to both focus and retain information, as well as recall it later.

A well-known, but very effective, study tip is not to study in your bedroom. Your brain associates your bedroom with sleep and relaxation. It is unlikely to perform at its highest capacity if you are trying to study in your room.

(In fact, your bedroom should only be reserved for sleep – that means no eating or watching TV in bed!)

Even more important than not studying inside your bedroom is not to study in your bed. The sensory information your brain receives when you’re in bed is comfort, warmth, and the smell of your sheets.

These all things your brain will associate with turning off and going to sleep. If you continue to study in bed you will change the association your brain has with your bed. It will begin to associate the sensory information it is receiving with concentration, hard work and stress. It will become very difficult for you to sleep in your own bed if this occurs.

So where should you study?

It is important to work in an place that will mimic the environment your brain will be required to recall information in.

For example if you are going to need to remember what you are studying in an exam then you should study in an exam environment: somewhere quiet, away from other people and removed from things that might distract you.

If you are studying for an exam, don’t study in a kitchen where you are likely to be interrupted by people getting dinner, cleaning up or just hanging out.

Try go to a spare room, your parents’ office, or to the local library.

Take breaks while studying

We know it might sound counterintuitive to advise taking breaks while studying, but it’s important to remember that your mind and body sometimes need a moment to rest and recuperate!

Did you know that frequent breaks can actually help boost focus, increase retention, and reduce stress?

Breaks don’t need to be disruptive to your whole day; it could be something simple as watching an episode of your favourite TV show or heading out for a 15-minute brisk walk in the fresh air.

Break mistakes you may be making

  • Taking breaks that last more than 30 minutes (a longer break makes it harder to re-focus)
  • Not moving during your break – stretch your legs and fuel your mind with physical movement
  • Skipping out on food – make sure you have easy access to healthy snacks, and drink water consistently

Studying for long hours without a break tires the mind just as exercising without a break tires muscles.

So give your body (both physically and mentally) the chance to recuperate with frequent study breaks.

Bonus: wearing the same scents may help your body recall information!

When it comes to memory, smell is the strongest sense the human body has in terms of recall.

Your brain is capable of retrieving information from your long term memory based off nothing other than smell.

Psychologists recommend wearing the same perfume, cologne, or deodorant while you study that you will wear when you take a test.

You brain is a vast chasm of information and it will retain knowledge you are not consciously aware of.

How cool is that?!

Enhance your study with Academia today!

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With a team of qualified trainers leading classes for a variety of courses, Academia is one of Australia’s most distinguished private tertiary learning institutions.

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Protecting Your Eyes When Studying

It’s common for students to pull all-nighters when studying, often without taking sufficient breaks in between. While this may seem like a reasonable sacrifice to make for good grades, you may end up regretting it later on when you start to notice health concerns, especially with your eyes.

When it comes down to it, whether you are taking a game design course or a business course, grades count only when you are in school, but your health and eyesight will enable you to do the things you love doing later in life — but only if you take care of them early on. Here are a few tips for protecting your eyes when you are studying.

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Taking a Break from Study in Melbourne

It comes as no surprise to realise that many people make the sensible decision to learn English in Melbourne. Not only is Melbourne one of Australia’s most vibrant, interesting and culturally rich cities, it abounds with an exceptional range of universities, vocational colleges and English language schools. Australia is a great place to live, work and study, and Melbourne is widely renowned as a destination that has it all!

Study in Melbourne

There are many valid reasons why people from so many countries of the world choose to study in Melbourne. One of the main reasons to study in Melbourne is that a great range of courses are on offer — from game design courses to business-focused courses, such as a Diploma of Accounting or Diploma of Business, and hospitality courses. Australia is home to some of the world’s best and most respected courses and learning institutions.

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Time to Relax: Mixing Study and Travel

The opportunity to combine study with travel is something that many people view with envy. There are many excellent reasons to simultaneously study and travel that ultimately result in personal and professional advantages.

Studying while travelling abroad enables a person to be challenged, acquire new skills and qualifications, experience different lifestyles and cultures, grow as an individual and, of course, relax and enjoy him or herself!

Among the many great reasons to study and travel abroad, five of the best are:

1:  An opportunity to see the world and enjoy new experiences

Many people for whom English is not their first language make the wise decision to learn English abroad and in a country where English is predominantly spoken. Making this choice positions them to not only maximise their exposure to and opportunities for learning the English language, it also enables them to experience parts of the world that are markedly different to their own and to open themselves to experiences they would be unlikely to have anywhere else.

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Improving Your Career Opportunities with Multiple Languages

Being bilingual or multilingual provides many advantages in life. Two of the most significant and important of these advantages are the possibility of enriching and interesting travel experiences and the broadening of the career opportunities available to you.

Many people realise the professional benefits of learning English (if English is not their native language) and thus decide to undertake a course of study at an English language school. Australia is home to many credible and high quality language schools and English courses. Melbourne, and other Australian cities, are popular study destinations for students from many different parts of the world.

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Are You Studying Too Much?

It is an admirable quality when a student is committed to their studies and driven to achieve to the highest of standards. No matter whether it is a Diploma of Business, a game design course or any other course of study that is being undertaken, students sometimes become so determined to achieve success and the most impressive grades that they put themselves in real danger of studying too much.

In a world where we’re often told that hard work and diligence are necessary to succeed, it can seem ridiculous to think that there is such a thing as ‘studying too much’. However, the reality is that a balance between study commitments, recreation, fun and free time is absolutely essential for a person to avoid ‘burning out’.

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