How to Pass the Australian Citizenship Test

The Australian citizenship test is designed to assess whether or not those wishing to become Australian citizens have an adequate knowledge of the country, as well as an awareness of the responsibilities and privileges associated with citizenship. However, for somebody who hasn’t grown up in Australia, the prospect of taking a test to prove themselves as potential citizens can be daunting. Here we take a look at a few things to keep in mind to help you pass your Australian citizenship test, including using online resources, immersing yourself in Australian culture and attending English school.
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Survival Guide for International Students in Australia

Studying in Australia is an incredibly rich and rewarding experience for international students. Not only do they get the opportunity to study at some of the best universities in the world, but they also receive the eye-opening experience of learning in another country and taking in the culture that goes along with that. However, not everything about coming to study in Australia is easy. Many students struggle with confidence, expenses and an inability to study English texts. Here we will look at a few handy tips for international students entering university in Australia for the first time.
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4 Tips on Finding the Right Internship for You

Whether you are involved in studying marketing courses or learning new studies in high tech industries getting an internship that will help you in your future career is a great option for you. The definition of internship in Australia is quite modern and developed compared with many countries and is it is often desirable to be the transition into employment rather than just experience during the period of the internship. Here are 4 tips on finding the right internship for you… Continue reading “4 Tips on Finding the Right Internship for You”