5 reasons to become fluent with our English courses in Melbourne

Is your partner a native English speaker?

Do you want to enrol at an Australian university?

Want to improve your job prospects?

There are many reasons to study English – you’ve probably heard them all before.

However, they aren’t the only ones!

There are plenty of reasons to study English, and today, we’ll be looking at some of the other reasons to become fluent in English (as well as how our English courses in Melbourne can help you get there!)

5 MORE reasons to become fluent in English

When you hear of fluent English language speakers, sometimes, you can’t help but envy their articulation.

They may sometimes leave a feeling of intimidation or inspiration, but in any case, if you are looking for ways on how to be a fluent English language speaker, you should ask first why you want to become fluent in speaking in English.

Whether your goal is related to being competent in an educational institution or workplace, English fluency is one best thing that you can do for yourself. 

1) Study English to communicate better and faster

Did you know? There are 7,111 languages being spoken today!

And with today’s world being more connected than ever before, it’s you may find yourself needing to communicate with somebody who speaks a language other than yours.

Unfortunately, nobody can become fluent in more than 7000 different languages!

To ensure that you’re understood, you need a common, shared language.

And as the world’s most widely spoken language, English is the natural candidate!

Being fluent in English allows you to communicate better and more quickly with others.

You will be able to express your thoughts and feelings and share information with more people regardless of what they grew up speaking.

Whether you are travelling overseas soon, spend a lot of time online where people of all languages mix, or find yourself dealing with a lot of nationalities as part of your job, you need to become fluent in English!

2) Improve your job prospects and work more effectively

Whatever industry, company or career path would you like to start, fluency in English can be a great addition to your job application.

Become fluent in English, and you’ll be able to work more effectively at tasks such as:

  • Meeting clients
  • Email support
  • Work research
  • Work-related travels
  • Internal and external communication

And if ever you wish to be employed in a different country or transfer to an overseas branch of your company, you will need to speak fluently in English to communicate.

And even if you don’t plan on transferring overseas, English can still be a valuable tool. Many tech support hotlines, guides and user manuals are only available in English.

For example, say your company is using a new software and its setup guide hasn’t been translated into your native language.

However, you can bet that there will be an English translation!

Wish to be more competent and productive at work? Start with your English fluency.

3) Have an easier time travelling

If you travel a lot, you need good English skills!

And not just if you spend a lot of time holidaying in English-speaking countries – as we mentioned above, there are thousands of different languages spoken around the globe.

Sure you could spend time learning the basics of each destination you’re going to visit – in fact, you should!

If you ask us however, you should also have a strong fluency in English to cover everything you aren’t able to learn before you leave.

A couple of months isn’t enough time to become fluent. If you travel a lot, that can mean having to pick up a new language every time you want to holiday.

That’s a lot of work – make things easier for yourself by using English as your “base language”.

No matter where you travel, there will always be an English guide or another English speaker. If you find yourself struggling with a local language, your English skills may save you!

4) How English improves your learning

We talked about this above – however, this point is so important that we felt it should get its own section!

Like we said before, many training courses, instruction manuals, and online guides are in English only. If you struggle with English, you may struggle to learn.

Let’s use Wikipedia as an example.

The English version of Wikipedia has the most articles, with 6 million articles.

Many of these articles are only available in English – if you want to learn about these topics, you will need to be fluent in English.

Simply put, if you study English, you will be able to study many other subjects!

5) You’ll be able to consume English movies, songs and books

All of the reasons we’ve listed to study and become fluent in English have been about work, travel and job opportunities.

Those aren’t the only reasons to study English, however – English can also help you enjoy your hobbies!

Go to a cinema, turn on the radio, or visit a music store in your home country – how many of the movies and songs are only in English?

While you can learn for yourself, the best way to enjoy these books, songs and movies is if you are already fluent in English to begin with.

No more needing to read subtitles, listen to dubs, or find inaccurate translations from other fans – with your English fluency, you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite English-language media in its original form.

Not only will you be able to better understand your favourite movie, music or novel, but you’ll also be able to connect with other fans online and talk with them about the things you love!

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