Hairdressing courses in Melbourne are more popular than ever!

Studying hairdressing in Melbourne has always been a very enticing career move – you get to live in one of Australia’s best cities and you get your start in a promising career!

And now that lockdowns are coming to an end in Victoria and restrictions are beginning to ease, people are increasingly interested in studying hairdressing!

We’ve all seen the huge queues as salons, hairdressers and barbers open back up and people head out for that extra bit of TLC that they’ve been missing this year. 

That isn’t the only consequence however – the sudden boom in business for hairdressers has resulted in a spike in interest for hairdressing courses.

Whether you’ve been thinking about becoming a hairdresser for a while, or being forced to look after your own hair during lockdown made you realise hairdressing is the career for you, now is definitely the best time to get started.

So, where do you start if you’re looking to break into the beauty industry?

What sort of options are there for busy students who can’t study full-time?

And are there any schemes out there that can cover the cost of completing your hairdressing course?

Studying hairdressing part-time: can it be done?


Our institute in Melbourne is committed to providing our students with a wide range of flexible options, allowing them to study on their own terms.

A lot of our students are mature-age students – as such, we understand that you have other commitments in your life that you need to look after on top of your studies, like kids or your current work (you’ve still got to pay the bills, after all).

If you’re unsure if you can handle a full course load, you might like to consider part-time study.

That means that rather than studying 5 days per week, we’ve structured our hairdressing courses to be delivered over 2.5 days per week across 10 week terms.

That means you have the flexibility to study around your busy lifestyle!

Create a timetable that works for you and leaves you plenty of time for your other commitments – and anything else going on in your life!

Online hairdressing courses

We can also offer partially online hairdressing courses – roughly 20% of your hairdressing course can be taught remotely.

Online learning gives you even more flexibility, allowing you to study a small portion of your course from anywhere.

It may not be much, but combined with our flexible part-time timetables, we can make studying a whole lot more convenient for you!

What hairdressing courses are available to you?

Certificate III in Hairdressing (SHB30416)

It isn’t just cutting hair – this qualification also involves a lot of learning, including tutorials, classes on safe work practices and more – all of which help build up your hairdressing skills and prepare you for work in the industry.

This course is perfect for anyone who’s starting from scratch in the hairdressing or beauty industry, and will provide you with a ticket into this rewarding career pathway. 

Completing a Certificate III in Hairdressing does not require the student to complete work placement, making things easier for busy students.

There is, however, a practical assessment that will see you working with real people’s hair at our campus.

 Career opportunities from Cert III in Hairdressing:

  • Hairdresser
  • Hair stylist
  • Hair colourist

Certificate IV in Hairdressing (SHB40216)

This is the standard qualification in the beauty industry – if you’re looking to start an exciting career as a hairdresser, this is the qualification you need.

To successfully complete this course, you’ll need an in-depth understanding of a range of technical hairdressing skills including complex colour correction, extensions, chemical reformation and more.

And that’s in addition to learning all of the basic hairdressing skills like how to use a set of clippers!

Career opportunities from Cert IV in Hairdressing

  • Hairdresser
  • Hair stylist
  • Hair colourist

Diploma of Salon Management (SHB50216)

If you’re a natural leader, and you have a passion for hairdressing and beauty, then you may be interested in managing or owning your own salon.

And to do that, you’ll need a special set of skills – skills that this course offers!

After you’ve completed your Certificate III and Certificate IV in Hairdressing, a Diploma of Salon Management is a natural next step for you.

Unlike our other courses, this Diploma features a strong focus on administrative, management, leadership and financial skills (just to name a few).

While you’ll still need to complete an internship in a salon to finish this course off, for the most part this course is highly flexible, allowing you to choose your hours and study at your own pace for the most part.

Career opportunities from a Diploma of Salon Management

  • Salon manager
  • Spa manager
  • Beauty therapist

Are you eligible for subsidised hairdressing training?

Thanks to the Victorian government’s introduction of Skills First Funding, you may be able to qualify for government funded courses – one of which is hairdressing.

If you needed even more incentive to make the leap and start a hairdressing course, this is it!

If you’ve been thinking about starting your career in cutting, colouring, styling, and all things hair then this government funding scheme has answered your prayers, with generous subsidies – in some instances, courses will be completely free!

When you’re looking to start a government-funded course, you still want to make sure that you’re enrolling in a course that will leave you with genuine credentials and career opportunities, and which will help you get exactly where you want to be.

It’s a lot of information to take in – luckily, our experienced course advisors can help!

In addition to helping you decide which course is the best for your goals, we can also help you determine whether or not you’re eligible for government-funded training as well.

Study hairdressing in Melbourne with Academia

If you’ve made your mind up about entering the beauty industry, then you’ll want to take the next step by studying with Academia!

We are based in Melbourne, the city of endless opportunities – when you live, work, and study in Melbourne you have the opportunity to keep up to date with all the latest fashion trends.

It’s the perfect city for anyone with a passion for style, beauty, and fashion.

And of course, it’s also home to Academia and our world-class hairdressing courses!

Each of our courses is taught by a qualified instructor with years of industry experience you’ll be able to draw from, and our workshops are set up in such a way that recreates real-world working environments.

Academia is the place to start your hairdressing career!

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