4 things no one told you about working in aged care

So you’re finally about to get started and embark on your career in aged care!

You’re excited, and thanks to your aged care course in Melbourne, you know what to expect going into your career.


As with any other industry, there are some things you’ll only ever find out about your industry after a little while in it. Whether it’s tricks of the trade or things that people never told you about your day-to-day, the learning never really stops.

Aged care is no different.

Of course, it’ll be a big help if you know what these lesser-known things are before you dive right in!

And that’s what we’re here to help with.

Our instructors – including our aged care instructors – have years of real-world industry experience. They’re more than happy to share some of the things nobody else told you about working in aged care…

4 things you didn’t know about working in aged care

1) It’s surprisingly physical work

Aged care isn’t just about scheduling events or organising meals – it’s surprisingly physical work!

It makes sense when you remember that many older Australians may suffer from mobility issues that prevent them from being able to enjoy the same level of movement and freedom they once did.

In addition to your regular responsibilities, aged care workers like you are also in charge of ensuring that older Australians continue to experience the same level of freedom.

To make that happen, you may have to assist with certain physical activities, push wheelchairs and use tools such as patient hoists to help residents get around.

It’s surprisingly physical – something that a lot of students don’t quite expect going in!

That’s why our aged care courses in Melbourne include workshop classes that focus on preparing you for the more enduring parts of the role!

Not only will you be more prepared to deal with the physical aspects of the job, but you’ll also know exactly what to expect before you start.

2) Aged care is super secure industry

Hopefully, you already knew this going in.

If not however, well, here it is!

Thanks to Australia’s ageing population, the number of people needing aged care services like in-home care or aged care facilities is only going to go up in coming years.

And with that means increased demand for aged care workers like you.

If you’re looking for a long-term career, the aged care sector is perfect for you.

3) Aged care facilities aren’t your only option

While aged care facilities are the most common destination for people who complete an aged care course in Melbourne, it isn’t the only one.

In addition to aged care facilities, an aged care qualification can also open doors to other types of places such as residential care or a respite care facility.

You could even find yourself transitioning into specialist areas like dementia care or a palliative care facility – you name it and explore different careers in different sectors.

4) Relationships are important

While this is something we try to get across in our aged care courses, it’s something that some students don’t quite seem to take onboard – or rather, doesn’t have as much meaning until they experience it for themselves.

As an aged care worker, you aren’t just providing care – in many cases, you also play a crucial role in helping residents maintain their mental wellbeing and mental health.

A key part of that is just “being there” and providing emotional as well as physical support to the residents in your care.

Social connections and relationships are what matter most – and even more so when you age. These are the things that enrich your life and make life worth living, knowing that there are a lot of people who care about you.

And as an aged care worker, you’re a critical part of that.

If you’re going to be working in aged care, you’ll subconsciously build relationships with all the residents that you work with.

It’s a small thing, but it can go a long way towards enhancing people’s quality of life!

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Are you planning to upskill or pursue an aged care course for the first time? Jumpstart your career in aged care with Academia’s aged care courses in Melbourne today!

Academia has transitioned to online learning at this time to minimise the need for students to come to campus during the pandemic.

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What aged care courses in Melbourne do we offer?

Certificate III in Individual Support

Break into the aged care industry with the Certificate III in Individual Support!

This course focuses on providing you a solid foundation for your future career. While knowing each of these lesser-known aged care facts can help, you won’t get anywhere without the skills to make it happen.

With a mix of practical and theoretical training as well as a several weeks-long placement that covers the entire breadth of the roles you’ll carry out in aged care, this Certificate is exactly what you need to get started.

Facilitate empowering activities for the older people through workshops, tutorials, and practical training in residential, aged care facilities and community settings.

Find out more about the Certificate III in Individual Support.

Certificate IV in Ageing Support

Created to help students who want to climb up the ladder and move on to higher positions in aged care, this Certificate combines practical aged care training with training for higher-level responsibilities:

  • Supporting the elderly with dementia
  • Empowering people with disability 
  • Practicing safety work practices
  • Providing care through a palliative approach

Combined with training in areas like scheduling, management and more, and this Certificate is the perfect stepping stone towards different roles.

Learn more about the Certificate IV in Ageing Support.

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