Why Are Mobile Phone Games So Popular Now?

With the rise in popularity and use of smartphones, it’s no surprise that mobile phone games are also becoming more popular. Where once the average smartphone user was the executive-type businessperson, now the average user is in their teens or twenties and, most often, is using their smartphone to stay in touch with their network of friends.

With the demographic change to younger, more casual users, mobile phone games are also starting to take a more prominent place in the industry. This spells great opportunities for small software and gaming companies, and for students taking game development courses and game design courses, as the industry is just taking off and the opportunities are virtually endless.

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6 Tips on Getting a Career in Design and Advertising

A career in Design and Advertising has many avenues for development and a secure future. Advertising and design have become essential elements to any cutting edge business and company. Whether you are to work for specific companies or to work in agencies or work in the growing world of freelance, the world of design and advertising is so large that the possibilities are limitless alone in just digital production (studied through games courses) and offline and online marketing advertising. Here are 6 great ideas on helping you get involved. Continue reading “6 Tips on Getting a Career in Design and Advertising”

6 Tips to Getting Involved in the Computer Gaming Industry

It is just about every young boy’s or boy at heart’s dream to earn a living and work in the computer gaming industry. Considering that the gaming industry is now larger than the movie industry of Hollywood and the source of many fantastic and highly profitable games come from real life such as sports and actions even including Hollywood itself, there is no better time than to consider study in games courses and working in the highly lucrative and stable career option. Here are 6 handy hints to get you involved and should be used as a guide but not exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination. Continue reading “6 Tips to Getting Involved in the Computer Gaming Industry”