Everything you need to know about our online cookery courses

When you think of online TAFE equivalent courses, chances are commercial cookery isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

After all, it’s such a hands-on subject – how are you supposed to learn how to cook remotely?

Studying commercial cookery online in Australia necessitates some changes – however, it can be done.

And today, we’re here to explain just how that works!

Academia’s online delivery difference

Academia is conducting learning online through our advanced Learning Management System, and with full sport from teaching staff. Find out more about our response to COVID-19 here.

How do our online commercial cookery courses in Melbourne work?

You’d be surprised how much theory is involved in your commercial cookery courses in Melbourne!

And that in turn means that large chunks of your commercial cookery course can easily be studied and completed online.

When people enrol in commercial cookery courses, they often assume that they’re going to spend all of their time in the kitchen, experimenting with different meals or honing their technique.

While this is indeed a large part of what you’ll be doing, it isn’t all of it – in fact, a surprising amount of your training will happen in the classroom rather than the kitchen!

You’d be surprised by how much theory a commercial cookery course involves:

  • Proper food handling techniques
  • Storage requirements
  • Workplace safety requirements
  • Dietary requirements

All of these are important parts of your career – and all of them take place in the classroom.

And that means that they can be taught online using our online learning system!

Academia’s online learning system

We’re going to be honest: a lot of institutions simply don’t get how online learning works.

As a result, the way that a lot of online TAFE/vocational courses are executed essentially boils down to a recorded lecture once a week and worksheets emailed to you to work on your own.

This is only amplified by many other institutions’ rapid (and perhaps haphazard) response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Needless to say, not everyone thrives under these sorts of conditions.

By contrast, our online Learning Management System (LMS) strives to replicate the classroom experience as much as possible and give you the best education and training, even during lockdown.

And it’s all thanks to:

  • Classes held in real-time
  • Virtual blackboard system that lets you interact with the course material directly
  • Private IM and video chat for group work
  • Small classes ensure that you get the one-on-one attention you deserve

Each of our courses comes with online learning as an option – and that includes our commercial cookery courses.

What about workshops?

While completing a commercial cookery course, you’ll need to learn how to put your skills into practice. It’s because of this that our campuses feature fully kitted-out workshops that replicate real-world kitchens.

Of course, this is something that can only be experienced in-person.

And unfortunately, this is a part of your online TAFE equivalent course that you can’t complete online.

Fortunately however, our online commercial cookery courses are flexible, allowing you to study part-time.

How do Academia’s online cookery courses work?

Our online commercial cookery courses, just like the rest of our online TAFE equivalent courses, are delivered through our Learning Management System (LMS).

Not only does our system replicate the classroom experience, but it’s also simple and easy to use as well!

Our system is designed with simplicity and ease-of-access in mind, allowing you to find what you need with minimal effort – all you need to do is…

  • Visit the “current students” tab on the Academia website and access our Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Once you’ve logged in, find your commercial cookery course and go to your online classroom
  • Join via audio and video and attend to your online commercial cookery classes 
  • You can explore the virtual kitchen, view learning materials, archives and other supplemental resources available whenever you need them!

Study cookery in Melbourne!

Study commercial cookery online from the comfort of your home – each of our commercial cookery courses can be studied online, giving you more flexibility and options when it comes to your learning.

Making the decision to study an online TAFE/vocational course is a big decision – however, it’s just the first one. You’ll also need to discover which commercial cookery course in Melbourne offers you the best outcomes.

With a range of different commercial cookery courses available, we’ve got just what you need to kick-start your career.

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery (SIT30816) 

Learning the basics is a must before you start working in a real commercial kitchen environment – and that’s exactly what this course provides.

The Certificate III in Commercial Cookery provides you with a mix of classroom-based learning (which can be taken online) and practical training that will prepare you for opportunities in the food industry.

You’ll come out the other end of this course with all of the skills and knowledge you need to function in any commercial cookery environment!

Find out more about the Certificate III in Commercial Cookery.

Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery (SIT40516)

Dreaming of starting your own restaurant or cafe? If so, you’ll need a more advanced skill set – something that this commercial cookery course provides.

In addition to practical cooking skills, you’ll also attend classes on essential knowledge and skills such as budgeting, menu planning, pricing, management and more – things you’ll need if  you’re going to succeed in leading a team or organisation.

Our Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery usually lasts for six months, and can roll over into a Diploma of Hospitality Management if you wish to further your management credentials even further.

Find out more about the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery.

Got questions about our commercial cookery courses?

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