Aged care is a fast-growing industry that doesn’t need a degree!

Graduate high school. Get a good ATAR. Go to uni. Get a good job in a growing industry.

That’s the traditional pathway to a career for many – it’s also not the only option open to you if you’ve just stepped out of a (virtual) year 12 class for the last time.

There are plenty of growth industries in Australia – many of which don’t need a university degree for you to get your start!

Aged care is one of these industries, where a TAFE equivalent course can help you get your start in this fast-growing sector.

Today, we’ll be explaining what it is exactly that makes aged care such a fast-growing industry, as well as how our aged care courses in Melbourne can help you kick-start a long and rewarding career.

Australia’s ageing population

We Aussies are getting older.

And we aren’t just talking about the fact that you’re officially out of high school now and ready to tackle the adult world either!

No, we’re talking about Aussies as a whole.

You might not have noticed it, but the average age in Australia is climbing. The numbers don’t lie – in June 2019, the median age was 37 years – a whole decade higher than the median of 27 back in the 70s!

And it’s a number that you can expect to continue rising, thanks to a lower birth rate compared to a couple of decades ago and better aged care.

While this poses an issue for policymakers, it’s a boon for you as it means you’ve got an opportunity to build a long and rewarding career without going to uni!

An older population means more senior citizens…

… and that means more demand for aged care services and workers!

It’s believed that in 2017, 1.2 million Aussies were using aged care services. Looking at Victoria alone, people older than 65 account for 15% of the state’s population.

Thanks to Australia’s ageing population, you can expect both of these numbers to continue climbing over the coming years (as well as the number of aged care facilities and at-home services popping up in response).

And that directly translates into more job opportunities if you choose to study aged care in Melbourne!

Follow the money: more funding for aged care

Are you the type of person who closely follows government budgets?

If not, we suggest starting – not only does it impact your wallet, but it can also give you pointers about what the government’s priorities are.

Let’s look at the most recent one. On top of all the standard pledges, it also included a huge $2.2 billion increase in aged care funding for a total of $23.9 billion in aged care spending!

This money will go to a range of different areas, with a particular focus on reducing wait times and improving the quality of care in the aged care sector.

Translation: more aged care facilities that results in the demand for more aged care jobs!

What do I need to study to start working in aged care?

So now you know how and why aged care is primed for an explosion in demand in the coming years.

Now for the million-dollar question: what do you need to do to get your foot in the door?

As you’ve no doubt guessed from the title of this blog, it doesn’t require a uni degree, so you don’t need to worry about that!

Most of the time, you can get started with a TAFE equivalent course like one of our aged care courses in Melbourne.

Practical training

While there’s a lot of theory that goes into becoming an aged care worker, there’s also plenty of practical learning as well.

That’s because aged care can be surprisingly physical work sometimes – you’ll need to know:

  • How to use a patient hoist
  • Using disability aids
  • Therapy aids, and how to use them

And the best way to learn anything physical is by doing!

Each of our aged care courses in Melbourne has a large focus on practical training.

And it’s this practical training that makes all the difference!

Work placement

Training with Academia goes beyond practical workshop classes – our aged care courses in Melbourne come with work placement too!

Thing is, all aged care courses in Melbourne are required to include one of these – what makes ours different?

Well, for starters, we’ve got connections to aged care facilities all over Melbourne.

Over the years, we’ve built strong relationships with some of the biggest players in Melbourne’s aged care sector – connections that we can use to help you secure a placement.

Instead of having to spend hours phoning around and asking whether they’re able to take work placements, you’ll be able to focus on preparing for your first day on site!

Online aged care courses

Can’t make it in-person? Simply live too far away to venture into the city? Have other things to attend to at home?

We’ve got a solution: online aged care courses.

And not like other virtual courses, either – our online learning system is set up in a way that replicates the in-person experience as much as possible, with:

  • Interactive virtual whiteboards
  • Real-time classes run by one of our qualified instructors
  • The same focus on small class sizes
  • Private IM and video chat for group work
  • Recordings for you to refer back to
  • Message boards to ask questions or connect with other students

It’s a far cry from other online courses, where you’re sent maybe a single recorded lecture and a handful of worksheets and more-or-less set loose!

Academia’s aged care courses

Certificate III in Individual Support (CHC33015)

Just finished VCE? Looking to break into the ever-expanding aged care industry?

You’ll need to start by enrolling in the Certificate III in Individual Support.

Focusing on person-centred support, this course gives you all skills and knowledge you need to work in the aged care sector, forming a strong basis for the rest of your future career.

Certificate IV in Ageing Support (CHC43015)

With a focus on higher-level aged care skills, this aged care course is just what you need if you want to take your aged care career even further.

The aged care sector isn’t the only thing that’s growing – if you want to grow your career and take things further, the Certificate IV in Ageing Support is just what you need.

This course is the perfect choice if you’re looking to climb the ladder and up your promotion potential!

Study aged care in Melbourne with Academia

Going to uni isn’t the only pathway towards a job in a fast-growing industry – you’ve got plenty of options.

One of which is aged care!

If you’re keen on breaking into this industry, you’re going to have to start by getting qualified. Our aged care courses in Melbourne have you covered on that front.

Learn more about our aged care school, and how it can help you build your career: