How do Academia’s online aged care courses work?

Even during lockdown, learning doesn’t stop.

Thanks to modern technology, just about anything can be studied online, including aged care courses.

There’s just one issue: you’re not quite sure if online learning is for you, especially for an aged care course in Melbourne.

Fortunately, if you choose the right (and fully certified) online aged care course you can get a nationally-recognised qualification that’ll help you find work in aged care anywhere in Australia!

Best of all, you’ll get the exact same level of training online as you would if you were to attend study aged care in-person!

How? Today, Academia shares it’s online system for aged care courses.

Introducing Academia’s Online Learning Management System

With a lot of online TAFE courses, classes consist of:

  • Worksheets emailed to you
  • Pre-recorded lectures
  • Lots of independent work

It’s plain to see that a lot of institutions didn’t have a plan in place for when the pandemic hit!

Luckily for you, Academia is an exception.

Our online Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to deliver effective, timely and high-quality education.

Most importantly, it strives to deliver what other online courses don’t: the classroom experience.

  • We use group classes to recreate the social and collaborative aspect of class work
  • Our online whiteboard system lets you interact with the content instead of just looking at it
  • You can create private chats and video calls with other students to perform group work
  • Small class-room teacher to student ratios means you receive greater support from your teacher
  • Your teacher is online for the entire class duration to offer teaching instruction, examples, guidance through 1:1 teaching, work group instruction and entire class-room discussions. Unlike traditional on-line “self study” learning where you have to contact your trainer via emails for support.

Additionally, you’ll also be able to contact other students and instructors for help after-hours, and each class is recorded, allowing you to go back over anything you might have missed the first time!

Why choose our online aged care courses in Melbourne?

Learn whenever, wherever

If there’s one advantage to studying aged care online instead of in-person, it’s this!

Unlike with physical classes, our online aged care courses in Melbourne don’t need to worry about seating limits, allowing us to be a lot more flexible with your timetable. You’ll be able to build a timetable around your schedule, and not the other way around.

All of this gives you the flexibility to study aged care on your terms.

Whether it’s in the living room in the morning, the kitchen bench after lunch or night classes from the comfort of your bedroom, studying aged care online in Australia gives you the flexibility to study on your schedule.

Never miss a class again!

Go back over what you’ve learned

Did you miss part of today’s lesson?

Or was there something particularly challenging you wanted to revisit?

With online learning, that’s simply no problem!

Accessibility is one of the main advantages of online classes. In addition to being able to build a much more flexible timetable, you’ll also be able to easily:

  • Get in contact with fellow students after-hours
  • Ask your instructors for clarifications
  • Watch a recording of your classes

H3> A surprising amount of your aged care course can be completed remotely

You might be surprised by how much classroom-based learning makes up when you study aged care in Melbourne!

While there’s a lot of practical learning and training involved, there’s also a lot of theory you’ll need to learn before you can start working as an aged care worker.

For example, you’ll need a strong foundation in areas such as:

  • Legal obligations as an aged care worker
  • Dementia support
  • Working with disabilities
  • Infection prevention and control

Each of these are important foundations for the rest of your aged care career- what’s more, they can also be taught 100% online without you having to leave your home at all!

How do online aged care courses at Academia work?

Online aged care courses, just like all of our other courses in Academia, are delivered through our Learning Management System (LMS).

This system is designed with ease-of-use in mind.

No matter what you’re studying, navigating around the system and finding what you need is simple:

  • Step #1: access our Learning Management System (LMS) via the “current students’ tab on the Academia website
  • Step #2: log in now to find your aged care course and head to your online classroom
  • Step #3: once you’ve found class, you can automatically join with video and audio
  • Step #4: attend your online aged care classes
  • Step #5: view learning materials, learning guides, archives and other supplemental resources available whenever you need them

Enrol in Academia’s online aged care courses in Melbourne

Thinking of upskilling or pursuing an aged care course for the first time?

Whether you want to make the most of your time in lockdown or simply can’t fit in the time needed to attend physical classes, Academia’s aged care courses in Melbourne are just what you need.

Not only do they equip you with everything you need for a long and successful career in aged care, but they can also be completed online!

Academia has transitioned to online learning to minimise the need for students to come to campus during the pandemic.

At the same time however, we’re continuing to provide high-quality education and training that equips students like you with the skills and knowledge that you need for a rewarding career in aged care.

Certificate III in Individual Support

Eager to break into the aged care industry? If so, this qualification is just what you need.

Delivered through a mix of workshops, tutorials, and practical training in residential, aged care facilities and community settings, this certificate focuses on providing you with the foundational skills you need to succeed as an aged care worker.

All of this is capped off with a mandatory work placement of 150 hours where you’ll get to put all of your learning into practice!

Find out more about the Certificate III in Individual Support.

Certificate IV in Ageing Support

Completed your Certificate III in Individual Support? Want to continue your studies or strive for a more managerial role in your future aged care career?

Take things to the next level with the Certificate IV in Ageing Support.

If you are aiming for a leadership position that will manage and lead your co-workers within your organisation, then enrol in Certificate IV in Ageing Support.

This course’s content will teach you how to:

  • Practise safety work practices
  • Support the elderly with dementia
  • Provide care through a palliative approach
  • Empower people with disability

Building on your foundational knowledge, this course is just what you need to move up the ladder at your aged care centre.

Learn more about the Certificate IV in Ageing Support.

Want to know more about our online aged care courses

Study aged care in Melbourne with Academia!

If you want to break into the aged care industry, you’ll need to start by getting qualified.

And that starts by choosing an aged care course in Melbourne that gives you the flexibility to learn on your own terms.

Unlike other online TAFE courses, our aged care courses are the exact same quality, no matter whether you complete them in-person or online:

  • Same focus on maintaining low student-teacher ratios
  • Medium-sized institutions mean you get the one-on-one attention you need
  • Guaranteed hours for mandatory placement once restrictions are eased

Whether you’re a recent year 12 graduate or considering a career change, our friendly course advisors are willing to help.
Learn more about our aged care courses by filling out this enquiry form or by contacting the friendly Academia team on (03) 9671 4755.