New kids on the block: 4 reasons to enrol in our childcare courses today!

Childcare isn’t just “babysitting” kids – it’s so much more!

Gone are the days where misconceptions about childcare trumped reality – while there’s still a little confusion surrounding exactly what a childcare educator does, one thing’s for sure: in the past, these people were not given the credit they deserved!


Because childcare is more about minding someone’s kids while they’re at work; it’s all about moulding small minds and helping develop skills that they will carry throughout childhood and well into adulthood.

What do we mean?

Three words: learning through play.

This short phrase emcompasses exactly how childcare impacts a child, in terms of:

  • Social skills and confidence
  • Cognitive and critical thinking skills
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Creativity, innovation, and imagination
  • And so much more!

In fact, if a child attends care full time, they could be spending just as much time with their educator as well as their parents during the first few years of their life.

This really highlights the importance of childcare educators in nurturing our future generations!

Why enrol in Academia’s childcare courses?

To enjoy a challenging and fun learning environment

Academia makes it its mission to ensure that every time you enter your class, you don’t just learn (although of course that’s critical!) – but that you also have fun doing it.

Dynamic, energetic teachers blended with a passionate class of students all with the drive to succeed is what Academia students love about coming to class every day.

We’ll get you qualified and job-ready in a stimulating and enthusiastic environment.

To nurture your passion for childhood education and care

We all know that kind of person: one who is so loving and caring towards children.

They don’t even have to be a parent themselves, but it’s easy to see how much they adore children.

If that sounds like you, then childcare sounds like the perfect career! Imagine seeing the joy on kids faces as they light up after learning a new skill like tying their shoes or catching a ball!

Combine your passion for education, care, and learning with your immense love of kids.

To aim for a rewarding job with a steady income

Of course, it’s not all about the money!

However, it’s a realistic thought most of us have. In addition to a good income, we also want to know that our chosen industry isn’t already oversaturated with recent graduates, all flighting for a job.

There’s steady demand for qualified childcare workers all across Australia, so once you obtain your qualifications, you can travel to a different city or state and follow your passion in an increasingly demanding industry!

The opportunity to enjoy flexible working hours

Most centres open longer than your typical workday – they have to, really, to accommodate for working mums and dads.

Sometimes they’ll need to drop of kids before their workday starts, and cannot pick them up until they’ve clocked off.

Working in the childcare industry, then, has benefits as you can work either the early shift or the late shift!

Study childcare in Melbourne or Brisbane with Academia

Elite industry partnerships

Beyond the classroom, your chosen childcare course will place you right in the thick of the action, with placement that will help you put your newly learnt skills into practice!

Academia has partnered with more than 70 registered childcare facilities and will help you organise your placement.

Incredible trainers

Enjoy supportive, engaging, and nurturing classroom-based learning with your qualified trainers and encouraging classmates!

Great campuses

With campuses in central Melbourne and Brisbane, students have access to large classrooms, quality computer labs, and free internet access.

Central locations means both campuses are easily accessible by plenty of public transport options.

Academia’s childcare courses

CHC30113 – Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care

Your career in childcare starts here!

Through tutorials, workshops, and 150 hours of real-life placement, you’ll learn the skills to begin a rewarding career in childcare.

Job outcomes include childcare assistant, childcare worker, family day care worker, and nanny.

This course is available at both our Melbourne and Brisbane campus.

Find out more about CHC30113 (Certificate 3).

CHC50113 – Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care

Looking to elevate your career as a director, manager, or team leader? The Diploma is for you!

Delivered at both Academia campuses over 92 weeks, you’ll learn the necessary skills to not only care for children, but to also create, implement, and manage programs.

240 hours of placement allows you to test your skills in the real world!
Find out more about CHC50113 (Diploma).

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