6 reasons studying a childcare course online might be right for you

You’ve finally decided to make use of Victoria’s Skills First funding to complete a free TAFE course. You’ve checked all the courses available, casually flicking through everything that is on offer.

As you scroll down, something catches your eye: childcare.

Hmmm, childcare… it wasn’t something you were actively thinking about when you resolved to upskill or retrain. And yet, as you continue browsing, there’s something about childcare that keeps you going back to it.

You check the eligibility requirements. You tick every box to study childcare online – and bonus, for free, too!

Before you enrol in our childcare courses in Melbourne, there’s one question to be asked: is childcare the right pathway for you?

6 signs childcare is right for you

1) You love kids

Really, this comes as no surprise – you want to love what you do, after all!

Does the thought of taking care of kids and spending time with them fill you with joy? Do you love the energy and antics of children? Do you miss being a parent? Are you the “cool aunt or uncle” who dotes on your nieces and nephews?

And most importantly, do you want to turn that passion into a career?

If you answered yes to these questions, it may be time to think about a career in childcare.

Specifically, it may be time to put serious thought into enrolling in a childcare course in Melbourne!

2) Can you communicate well with children? 

Communication is a two-way process.

However, children don’t operate like adults – they simply don’t have the communication skills needed to get their message across or control how they express emotions.

For example, tantrums are frequently a sign that a child is trying to convey discomfort, rather than trying to use their limited communication skills.

As such, communicating with them (be it talking to them or understanding what they mean) requires a special skill set.

If you have a natural ability to communicate with kids (and understand their needs), you might be well-suited to childcare.

Of course, this isn’t a hard-and-fast requirement – our childcare courses in Melbourne focus on teaching how children communicate, as well as interpreting their intent and getting your message across.

That said, if you already have an uncanny ability to do so, it might be worth looking into studying childcare!

3) Do you love education?

Specifically, do you love teaching? Doyou love seeing children discovering new things?

If so, childcare might be for you!

Childcare workers are much more than babysitters – you’re an important part of a child’s early education and physical and intellectual development.

Sure, you might not hand out tests and worksheets – however, as a childcare worker you’ll play an important role as children:

  • Develop their gross and fine motor skills
  • Start to discover literacy and numeracy
  • Learn how to express emotion and resolve conflict

Such learning is not only limited to the confines of a classroom – it can also be taken outside and take the form of outdoor fun and adventures as well.

While it may not sound like the typical definition of “education”, it plays an important part in preparing children not only for school, but the rest of their lives, too! 

4) Are you patient with dealing with children of all ages? 

Many of the virtues of a good childcare worker can be taught.

But if you’re patient by nature, childcare might be just the career for you!

Anyone who has kids will tell you that while kids can be a joy to be around, they can also be a LOT of work. They’re cheeky, mischievous and oftentimes try to test their limits..

Working in childcare can test your patience sometimes – luckily, if you are a patient person and have a calm disposition, you’re well on your way towards succeeding in your future childcare career.

5) Do you have a sense of humour?

You may not know it, but a good sense of humour is one of the most important attributes of any childcare worker!

Can you keep up with kids’ antics in a positive and encouraging manner?

Having a sense of humour and a great attitude counts in any childcare environment, as it helps lighten the mood and atmosphere, and makes children feel at ease and safe while they’re in your care.

A comfortable and safe environment can have a huge impact on a child’s future. A good sense of humour and positive outlook can help ensure that you create a welcoming space that will allow children to thrive as they develop their own little personalities.

6) Can you keep up with energetic and vibrant children?

The work involved in childcare requires you to be physically active – you’ll need to be able to run around with kids, engage in activities, and overall keep up with those energetic little ones!

If you want to succeed as a childcare worker, you won’t just need to complete a childcare course in Melbourne – you’ll also need strength, endurance, and stamina!

Advance your career – complete one of Academia’s online childcare courses!

So you’ve gone through the list above, and are confident you can answer “yes” to most of them. Now for the next step: enrolling in a childcare course in Melbourne.

In addition to preparing you for life in childcare, each of Academia’s childcare courses:

  • Can be completed online, with only a handful of workshop lessons and your work placement conducted in-person
  • Are eligible for Skills First funding, effectively making them free for eligible Victorians

Completing a nationally recognised online childcare course for free? It seems too good to be true. Take it from us however: it’s very much possible!

Best of all, studying childcare online doesn’t mean compromising quality, either.

Each of our online childcare courses is structured identically to our in-person ones, with an online learning system that aims to replicate the classroom experience as much as possible.

You’ll be trained using the same resources, by the same experienced and certified childcare trainers with years of experience in childcare.

Find out more about our online childcare courses today!

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30113)

Before you can help children get their start, you need to get your start first!

And that’s exactly what this Certificate aims to do.

Armed with a holistic perspective towards the development of children, you’ll be ready for success once you complete this childcare course!

The Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30113) focuses on teaching you the basics of early childhood care, with a broader focus on providing a healthy environment for children to learn and play.

This certificate is capped off with a 150 hour placement in one of our partner childcare facilities.

Explore our Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50113)

Planning to take upskill? Want to take your career to the next level? Interested in owning or managing your very own family day care centre?

You’ll need extra experience if you want to succeed – and that’s exactly what this Diploma offers!

In addition to covering all the essentials, the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care covers everything you need to know about leading a team of childcare educators including:

  • Accreditation
  • Licensing requirements
  • Management training
  • And more!

Find out more about the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.

Study childcare in Melbourne with Academia!

If you want to succeed in childcare, you need to start by getting educated.

Thanks to our medium-sized institution, our childcare courses in Melbourne offer the best of both worlds:

  • The one-on-one attention of a smaller institution
  • The resources of a larger institution

Whether you’re re-training, looking for a career change, or have only just completed year 12, our childcare courses in Melbourne can help you achieve your goals and get you where you want to be: working in a childcare centre and shaping young lives!
Contact our Melbourne campus on (03) 9671 4755 or discover more about our enrolment process today.