Want to study English? Don’t let these myths stop you!

Many people say they would love to speak English. However, not all of them follow through and actually start studying English!

In some cases, it’s a time issue. They just don’t have the time to dedicate to enrolling in an English course in Melbourne.

In other cases, however, it’s because they believe in one of these myths, which is scaring them away from learning a new language and developing an essential skill!

English course in Melbourne

Myth #1: want to study English but think it’s too hard?!

We aren’t going to lie – learning a new language will not always be easy.

However, it shouldn’t be hard enough that it discourages you from following through and fulfilling your academic goals!

One of the most common reasons that students find learning English difficult is accidentally enrolling in a course that’s too advanced for them and doesn’t align with their goals.

They go to their first lesson and find the content far too advanced. In many cases, this scares them, they drop out, and are left thinking to study English is simply too difficult.

Academia’s English courses in Melbourne are structured in a way that makes it easy to enrol in the right course for your level, skillset, and goals.

We offer classes for all skill levels, whether you are an advanced speaker, or starting from the very beginning.

We believe that learning English should be challenging and rewarding, rather than ‘too hard’!

Myth #2: you only need English if you’re going to an English-speaking country

One mistake that many people make is assuming that English is only worthy if you’re going to a country whose primary language is English.

The problem with that approach is that we live in a global economy, and many business and job opportunities need English to communicate with overseas clients, partners, and vendors.

Your career may see you using English to: 

  • Interact with tourists and visitors
  • Visit English websites
  • Read English instructions or articles
  • Watch English movies or TV shows
  • Listen to English interviews

Did you know that English is the most widely spoken language in the world? It’s the official language of 56 countries, and more than 1.5 billion people are currently learning it!

English is also considered the global language of:

Find out more reasons to learn English in this blog post.

Myth #3: a large vocabulary is all you need to be fluent in English

Some believe that to be fluent in English, all that they need is a solid knowledge of vocabulary.

To us, this is the wrong approach. Knowing 1000 words has no impact on how you actually use them – and whether you use them correctly!

That’s because English is a language with many rules, as well as many exceptions to those rules.

Even if you know the right words, if you don’t understand English grammar or know the proper way to use your vocabulary, you’re not truly learning the language – and you might end up sounding a bit strange!

Academia’s English courses in Melbourne are designed to provide you with useful English skills. Instead of solely focusing on vocabulary, we teach you English skills that you might need to:

  • Apply for jobs
  • Work in an English-speaking workplace
  • Study at an Australian university

All of these skills require knowledge in not only vocabulary, but grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing, and listening.

Myth #4: English is only for the young

Learning and studying English has no age limit. As long as you are willing to put in the hard work, anyone – of any age – can study English!

Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you won’t need English in the future. For example, if you’re applying for a new job, fluent English skills can look very good on your job application!

What’s more, your learning method can influence how quickly you’re able to learn English. If you find the right method, you could learn English even faster than a younger student.

Regardless of your age, it is never too late to study and learn a language as long as you put your mind to it and use the right techniques.

Myth #5: studying English is boring


People often find themselves believing that there’s no fun in learning English are the ones that are not willing to pay the price of learning the language.

Everybody learns a different way. If a teaching technique does not work for you, then naturally you will find it boring!

That’s why our English courses in Melbourne use a variety of different techniques.

We combine reading and writing exercises with speaking and group activities, making the process interesting, engaging, and enjoyable for all of our students.

Additionally, we also offer a wide range of different extras for our students to enhance their learning and make it even more enjoyable.

Like watching English movies? Our movie club allows you to watch your favourite movies and then talk about them with other students.

Prefer learning by putting your skills into action? The Conversation Club gives you even more opportunities to put your learning into practice!

Do you like social activities? Our team organises plenty of activities every few weeks, including parties, zoo trips and quiz events.

The key here is turning English from a chore and into a fun and challenging activity!

Looking for an English course in Melbourne?

Academia will play an important role in your journey towards becoming fluent in English!

We offer a range of different English courses in Melbourne that will help you achieve your unique career, study, and immigration goals.

Each of our English courses is tailored to fit your purpose and level of English skill, and each is NEAS (National Education Assessment System) approved.

General English (GE) courses 

Learn all the essential day-to-day English you’ll need to work and live in Australia with Academia’s General English (GE) courses.

With a focus on conversation and everyday communication, General English helps you better express your thoughts and feelings with improved pronunciation, clearer sentences and a better vocabulary.

Learn more about our General English courses in Melbourne.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses

Australian universities require special English skills. You’ll need to write essays, make speeches and understand complex documents like course guides and research papers.

All of these use unique vocabulary, and are more complex than General English.

Our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course prepares students eager to study at an Australian university.

With a focus on the type of English you will encounter at university, EAP can help you get better grades and graduate with a better result.

English for IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

Get the IELTS score that you need with Academia’s English for IELTS classes!

Academia helps students pass and improve their IELTS score with classes that are tailored to match your desired IELTS level. Need IELTS level 5 for your job application? Our IELTS 5 class can help you learn exactly what you need to pass.

We incorporate material from real IELTS assessments that will test your reading, listening, writing and speaking.

Learn more about English for IELTS in Melbourne.

Study English in Australia with Academia!

Study and learn English in Melbourne with the help of our dedicated and qualified educators. Our goal is the same as yours: to turn you into a fluent English speaker through engaging, enjoyable learning!

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