When do you need IELTS (and how our English courses in Melbourne help)

English for IELTS - Melbourne Australia

We all know that English is important if you want to work, study or migrate overseas.

However, a lot of the time being able to hold a conversation in English isn’t enough!

In many cases, international businesses, universities and immigration authorities require specific levels of fluency.

And IELTS is how those skills are measured.

If you want to migrate, work, and study in English-speaking countries like Australia, you may need to take an IELTS exam first to prove how much English you know!

Luckily for you, Academia offers English courses in Melbourne that are designed with the IELTS test in mind!

What is IELTS?

Standing for the International English Language Testing System, IELTS is an internationally recognised English test that’s used in 140 different countries.

IELTS is ranked on a scale of 1-9, and tests a range of English skills including:

  • Listening
  • General reading and writing
  • Academic reading and writing
  • Speaking

Native and non-native English speakers who wish to migrate, work, and study in Australia may first need to take an IELTS exam before being considered.

IELTS aspirants can take the exam four times a month.

Of course, you want to pass the first time. To ensure that, we suggest taking an IELTS practice exam and choosing an English course in Melbourne that prepares you for the IELTS test.

Preparing for the IELTS exam gives you an overview on what to expect on the actual day of the examination.

On top of improving your language skills, we will also give you IELTS test-taking techniques that you will certainly find useful when you are taking the exam.

2 times you may need to take the IELTS

1) If you’re looking for a job in Australia

English language proficiency is essential for your career – especially if you want to take your career to Australia.

Your work visa may have already required you to obtain a certain IELTS score.

However, some businesses also have their own IELTS requirements too!

It makes sense.

In your career, you will interact and communicate with other members of the team in English. A failure of communication can lead to failed projects and poorer performance.

If you’re planning to work in Australia, you need to be proficient in the use of English. Sometimes, that means getting a high IELTS score.

For example, CPA Australia (one of Australia’s certification bodies for accountants) requires minimum IELTS scores of 7.0 for all categories.

This is just one way your career needs IELTS. If the job of your dreams is in the land down under, we suggest studying English for IELTS preparation with one of our English courses in Melbourne.

2) If you want to enrol in an Australian university

Planning to enrol and study in some of the best universities and colleges in the world?

For your academic goals to come true, you may need to take an IELTS Academic test as a requirement to enter.

Since most courses are taught in English, Australian universities will often need you to pass a specific IELTS score to be accepted into your course:

  • ANU – 6.5
  • Monash University – 6.0 (undergrad); 6.5 (postgrad)
  • University of Melbourne – 6.5
  • University of Sydney – depends on your degree

Additionally, if you wish to enter into a secondary education or other tertiary education, you may need to take the General IELTS test first – be sure to talk to your institution about their enrolment requirements.

You can click here to check specific institutions that require IELTS for application.

Of course, your studies don’t stop with IELTS – universities use very different types of English compared to everyday speech, which is why you may need to enroll in an English course in Melbourne that specialises in preparing you for uni.

Luckily, we also teach English for academic purposes too!

Study English for IELTS preparation – enrol in our English courses in Melbourne!

Aiming to pass the IELTS and get the score that you will qualify you to work, study and live in Australia?

Preparation for the IELTS exam is essential in reaching your goal. And Academia’s English courses in Melbourne can help with that!

Academia offers courses that focus on English for IELTS preparation.

Each of our English courses are 100% NEAS (National ELT Accreditation Scheme) – you’ll know that you’re receiving an excellent English education.

Our courses are also award-winners, and we’ve been recognised as one of Australia’s leading education providers for international students.

How Academia works

Academia’s IELTS preparation courses are tailored for what you will need to do on the IELTS. We base the content on IELTS practice tests and do our best to focus on the key skills that the IELTS is marked on.

We offer both intermediate (5 – 5.5) and advanced (over 6.0) IELTS classes that help you get the IELTS score you need to live, study or work in Australia.

Our English for IELTS preparation courses will need 5 to 20 weeks to complete. On average, our students increase their IELTS score by 0.5 in about 10 weeks!

Check our English for IELTS preparation courses here.

Don’t hesitate to keep in touch with our friendly staff for your IELTS English courses enquiries. We’re glad to assist you!