Want to study English in Australia? Reasons to learn English

A language mutual to many tourists and locals alike, English is often regarded as the “International Language”.

As such, it’s an increasingly popular language to study, particularly for foreign students who wish to study in, move to, and work in a new country like Australia.

This week, we run through reasons why you should study English, and how learning a second language can boost brain and memory function as well as concentration and multi-tasking!

English is the most widely spoken language in the world

While Chinese and Spanish beat English is terms of the most spoken languages, English is often considered the most widely spoken and widely spread language in the world.

This is due to several factors:

  • English is an official language of 56 countries
  • The vast number of people who speak English as a second language, in addition to their native one
  • The popularity of English being taught as a foreign language in schools all over the world

It’s no wonder an estimated 1.5 billion people all over the world are learning English!

English is the language of…


Good English skills are critical when following a career in science, as, according to Why English Matters, up to 98% of scientific research papers are written in English.


On the 1st January 2008, the International Civil Aviation Organisation declared that all Air Traffic Controllers and Flight Crew Members associated with international flights must be proficient in the English language.

This ruling stemmed from concerns rising from air traffic controllers and pilots to safely and effectively communicate.


Did you know that 1 in 4 people speak English at a “useful level”? That’s the equivalent of about 1.75 billion people!

As mentioned in the previous point, English is not only an official language of 56 countries, but it is also increasingly the secondary or a dominant language in other countries.

Learning English helps you further your studies

Many of our international students who enrol in our English courses do so to power them with the knowledge of the English language which then allows them to further their studies in their chosen fields, such as Patisserie or Commercial Cookery, Childcare and many more.

Our English for Academic Purposes course, for example, supports international students who have the goal of entering and studying at an Australian university or college.

During this particular English course, you’ll focus specifically on reading and writing skills.

You’ll be assessed through:

  • Writing essays
  • Making presentations
  • Language analysis (for example, reading and summarising articles)

The benefits of learning a second language

There are plenty of benefits of learning a second language beyond furthering your studies or career prospects.

Learning a second language like English can…

Improve your memory

A 2013 study from the University of Granada found that bilingual children performed better in “working memory” tasks than monolingual children.

Working memory refers to short-term memory including perceiving, processing, and storing information.

Engage your brain

Research has shown that those who study or learn a second language display better concentration than those who knew only one language.

The research also showed that it didn’t matter whether participants learnt the second language in infancy, adolescence, or as an adult, so it’s never too late to start studying English!

Boost concentration

Yet another study has found that those who know a second language are better at ignoring irrelevant distractions and focusing on their core task.

Improve your first language

This is a really interesting one!

Learning the linguistics of your second language (whether it be English or any other) will also be applied to your native tongue, improving your writing, speaking, and reading skills?

Think of learning a second language as a sort of refresher course for your first, where you revisit grammar, sentence structure, and conjugations.

Enhance global travels

With a solid understanding of the English language, you can feel confident while travelling to and communicating in the 56 countries that call English an official language!

Learning English doesn’t only help you when it comes to planning and booking accommodation, flights, and activities, but also expressing what you want in a restaurant, to a tour guide, a shop assistant, or your hotel receptionist.

A grasp of the ever-popular English language allows you to independently travel and enhance your experiences!

Want to learn English in Australia?

Academia welcomes hundreds of students every year through our doors to study English and help propel further studies.

Our English courses are available at both our Melbourne and Brisbane campuses, where students from all over the world are nurtured by supportive, warm, and encouraging teachers.

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