6 Tips to Getting Involved in the Computer Gaming Industry

It is just about every young boy’s or boy at heart’s dream to earn a living and work in the computer gaming industry. Considering that the gaming industry is now larger than the movie industry of Hollywood and the source of many fantastic and highly profitable games come from real life such as sports and actions even including Hollywood itself, there is no better time than to consider study in games courses and working in the highly lucrative and stable career option. Here are 6 handy hints to get you involved and should be used as a guide but not exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination.

Playing the games! It may sound obvious but not only will prospective investors or employers expect you to know these games they will expect you to know them extremely well. Many games such as Duke Nukem have cult like followings and the people involved in this industry ane normally avid game players themselves. If you don’t truly know games, enjoy games and have had many hours of experience then you my find it difficult to be a real player in this industry. Get to know graphic styles and game formats from all over the world.

Getting solid grounding. Obviously there is a huge amount of know-how in this industry and it is not just about having fun. Not forgetting that it is still going to be more fun for you compared to a field that you are not as interested in. If you are serious about working with computers and the gaming industry getting accreditation with hard earned formal and accepted education such as specific digital production studies and computer programming is the basic foundation for anyone who wants to get head long into the gaming world.

Looking for hands on experience. As with any industry there is competition and the gaming industry is no different. Look around in your area of study and living to see if there are companies that will give you work experience or just the chance to hang out. You will greatly increase your chance of internship or work experience. Do not consider your age as a barrier. Many game development companies are modern and have radically different approaches to work ethics. Do not limit your search to the standard office or company headquarters. Cyberspace also provides ample opportunity for you to begin actual work experience, becoming a game beta-tester and getting highly involved in the gaming industry. Your only limit is your determination to get involved in the industry.

Think about the industry size and diversity and your specialisation. The gaming industry is so huge and diversified it is recruiting many of the best from other industries. Maybe you can study in other areas such as marketing courses and event courses which are so crucial to the computer gaming business or applying your existing business experience to a facet of the computer gaming industry. Some professional translators are paid highly for localising newly produced games into other languages and it is not just their language that enables them to do this it is their experience with games and the language of games. Think about what direction you wish to take in the industry. It is not just limited to making the games.

Build your online social network. Facebook and other social media websites are not just limited to gossiping with friends and other online acquaintances. Increase your network by participating in the appropriate professional and seemingly more fun sites that we have already mentioned. Make your online time count and make the most out of your existing and future online profiles. Use your online world and interactive time work for your professional goals.

Get involved in gaming competitions, game meets and expos. World championships and other tournaments are huge marketing and promotion packages putting a real face on the excitement of the gaming industry. Go to promotions and events where you can. Compete and meet people in the business and make a name for yourself. Expand your network and the importance of your network by real face to face participation and relationship building.

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