6 Tips on Getting a Career in Design and Advertising

A career in Design and Advertising has many avenues for development and a secure future. Advertising and design have become essential elements to any cutting edge business and company. Whether you are to work for specific companies or to work in agencies or work in the growing world of freelance, the world of design and advertising is so large that the possibilities are limitless alone in just digital production (studied through games courses) and offline and online marketing advertising. Here are 6 great ideas on helping you get involved.

Getting the basic know-how. Obviously there is a huge amount of know-how in this industry and it is not just about having fun. If you are serious about working in the design and advertising industry you want to get some serious knowledge of design principles and art skills through to cutting edge industry software training for digital production and internet science marketing courses have a huge range of knowledge that you can apply to the industry. Even games have advertising built into them! Select the right core studies appropriate for you.

Getting experience and getting involved no matter where you are. As with many more fashionable and technical industries know that you can get involved in this industry no matter where you are in the world. The advertising and design industry is one of many industries shedding fulltime and long term employment via working online. Many individuals have chosen a freelance career style to improve their chances bidding for specific jobs online and proving their skills and ability with substance. Don’t let your immediate location be a limit to your career future.

Industry size and variety of careers. The advertising and design industry is intricate and complicated. Major brands spends billions of dollars on single slogans and international advertising campaigns. It is important to get your direction early. Will you specialise in copywriting, above the line campaign design, or more interactive and highly specialise below the line advertising where such knowledge that comes from hands on experience and the knowledge from guerilla marketing courses and consumer based research studies.

Build your network. Build your network of people involved in the industry through joining online groups and making the most out of your online social networking sites. There are many groups involved in advertising covering discussions or just appreciation of particular advertisements. Build your network online and take that network to your locality or maximise on those relationships for real career benefits where possible. The world is at your door step.

Participate in competitions. You will be surprise at the amount of design and advertising related competitions that are happening all over the world all the time. These are an excellent opportunity for you to get involved and make a name for yourself. Again, you need to keep your mind open to allow opportunities to come your way.

Get inspired. If you are serious about advertising and design you are someone who has more than just a professional interest in this topic. Go to art galleries, select a hobby that will allow you to develop your creative juices. Watch TV, listen to radio and analyse the way that companies are already advertising and laying down design without you knowing. Live, feel and breathe your interest. Those who are inspired are those who will excite, interest and inspire others. Your attitude and dedication will be evident to all those whom you are dealing with

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