4 Reasons Why Skills Training Is The Heart Of The New Economy Job Market

The New Economy is transforming the global employment market. The old workplace is rapidly disappearing as more cost effective jobs and more efficient technology replaces it. It’s unlikely the next generation will even need to commute, let alone work in an office or factory. New Economy jobs are multifaceted, and often multidisciplinary. You can work in multiple jobs, have multiple incomes, and even have multifaceted career tracks. Business and vocational training is critical in this new environment.

The New Economy skills models

Multi skilling has given people a large range of portable and highly adaptable skill sets which can work in several jobs.

This is a typical New Economy business scenario:

Person A works in several different roles:

  • Two online businesses selling goods
  • Contract accountant outsourcing for local businesses
  • Business advisory service for small business
  • Financial services and investment agent for local area

Technology has made this type of business model extremely cost effective for both Person A and his clients.

Training in The New Economy business model works on the basis of skill sets in relation to productivity. In this example, the skills training for all these types of work is:

  • Business management
  • Accountancy
  • Financial services

Three basic skill sets provide all that

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