4 Tips on Finding the Right Internship for You

Whether you are involved in studying marketing courses or learning new studies in high tech industries getting an internship that will help you in your future career is a great option for you. The definition of internship in Australia is quite modern and developed compared with many countries and is it is often desirable to be the transition into employment rather than just experience during the period of the internship. Here are 4 tips on finding the right internship for you…

Analyse your goals and personality. Choosing an internship is quite a large step for anyone. It should not be taken lightly or a means to get income during a period of study. You need to be sure that it is the career path that you really wish to take and that career will open up to give greater career choices in the future. Some industries will be around forever and others will wane due to technological development. How important your career choice is to your level of income and future desired lifestyle? These are all important issues we must ask ourself before entering into an internship.

Start with unpaid work experience. Even if you think a company may be the right choice for you, until you experience what it will to like to work in that company, you cannot be sure it is the correct choice. Work experience in one company may be of great benefit and another feel a waste of time. It is a good idea to have a variety of work experience in a variety of companies and situations to help you get a better feel of your career path and it will also be easier to apply for an internship with a company where you have had successful work experience in the past.

Using all your research resources and online skills. Never limit your search to your immediate vicinity. There are many programs and ways available to start to get involved with companies and employers via online activities. The limit is your imagination and creativity. Start with simple searches online in the area that you are interested and spend the time and effort to really get to know your industry and know your options.

Getting your internship through your college or academy. The best way to have a smooth transition between your study and employment with companies that have an established relationship with your educational institution. This way you know your studies will have real hands on application and applicability to the real world as a school that has established relations with specific employers such as games courses that have internships with games developers. Furthermore if this is the case the chance of employment after your internship is highly likely. If your institution has any real credibility these will be on offer.

With around half of all college students in Australia involved in some form of internship it is certainly worth looking at and taking your options seriously. Do not commit immediately to an internship unless you are sure, as experience in the wrong company or wrong environment, may prove a disastrous start to an otherwise positive outlook on a new career.

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