Hospitality Industry Training Ideas

The hospitality industry is a huge industry, and there are multiple areas of specialized training. The job market in this industry, however, has to be understood when checking out your training options and needs. This gigantic sector includes tourism, traditional hospitality industry areas like resorts and hotels, and a range of other hospitality services. In practice, you may need a hospitality degree, as well as other training. To structure your training, the first step is to find a training organization which can help guide you through your qualifications.

Hospitality training and career paths

A career in the hospitality industry involves a range of developmental situations in jobs where you’ll find that you’re effectively multi skilling, and need multiple areas of training. A chef, for example, may find themselves progressing into working as a business manager as well. The best way to approach career planning is to make sure you plan your training in advance.

Good training organizations are able to provide good working career-oriented training. This is particularly important for those starting out in the industry, because wasted effort costs valuable time in careers. You can be a manager at 25 with targeted training or a kitchen hand at 45 without it. Career dead ends and go-nowhere jobs are easily avoidable, and well targeted training can provide far more job options for far better jobs.

Matching training and work

The absolute best, most productive form of training in a very hands-on industry like the hospitality industry is matching your training and your job. If you’re working in the industry, this training is invaluable. You get the best of both worlds, quite literally, in that you’re really training all the time. You also get practical guidance from both the job and the training, so you’re both learning and getting the vital practical experience required to succeed.

The practical experience element is another factor which directly impacts on career options. The hospitality industry is highly competitive, performance and market driven. High quality qualifications and good practical experience are guaranteed paths to success in this very demanding industry, and these two factors are the only way to get the best jobs.
Important note: Make absolutely sure you take advantage of the endless opportunities this combination of training and work provides. Ask questions, learn your trade well, and you’ll be effectively getting two qualifications instead of one for the job market and career options.

Hospitality training and university entry issues

Check with training organizations about their academic progression options for their courses, and you’ll stay on the right track. The best training organizations provide qualifications which lead directly to university entry. Hospitality education should provide you with a clear academic pathway into university qualifications.

This is standard academic procedure, and only these fully accredited courses can deliver what you need.

You can also check with universities regarding their entry requirements, which will save you a lot of time and effort searching for training courses. The entry requirements are like a checklist, and you can cross off anything that doesn’t meet their standards easily.

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