What do aged care and childcare have in common?

Most people would assume there’s a big difference between childcare and aged care services.

Perhaps this is because of the age gap and the type of care that workers are expected to provide to both demographics.

They wouldn’t be wrong – however, it’s also a little simplistic, and overlooks the fact that there are actually a surprising number of commonalities and even overlap between the two!

Whether you’re choosing to enrol in a childcare course in Brisbane or already partway through an aged care course, we thought it would be fun to take a look at the parts of these two vastly different career pathways that do in fact share some overlap.

What do these two different career pathways share in common?

1) It’s more than just “babysitting” or “supervising” – you’re looking after people’s care and support needs

Care and support are two of the most important aspects of both childcare and aged services. 

After all, one thing that both children and the elderly share is that in many cases, they aren’t able to look after themselves!

As a frontline worker in either of these industries, your work will largely consist of providing care and support of those who may struggle to take care of themselves.

Childcare workers and aged care staff often find themselves providing care and support to the individuals in their care, looking after a range of different areas such as:

  • Health and nutrition
  • Safety practices
  • Individualised support
  • Other special needs 

Of course, it isn’t just physical needs either – both aged and child care workers will also need to provide emotional and social support as well (though the form this support takes varies depending between the two).

2) Compliance with Australian standards

Another thing that both of these industries share is that they’re managed and regulated by strict Australian standards.

In addition to the facilities and practices themselves, it’s also mandatory that any workers in either industry is certified and has adequate training.

To become a childcare worker or an aged care staff, you need to obtain the right qualifications from either an aged care course or a childcare course in Brisbane.

In addition to teaching you how to provide care, large parts of both of these courses focus on teaching future aged and childcare workers all the different regulations, standards and guidelines they’ll need to follow in order to ensure optimum health and safety.

It’s a lot to keep track of, which is why such a large part of these courses are about complying with Australian standards and regulations in both childcare and aged care facilities. 

3) A strong focus on development and empowerment

Both of these industries have gone through the same transformation over recent years.

What transformation are we talking about? Simple: instead of simply providing care, both of these sectors have independently come to the decision to refocus on development and empowerment.

Autonomy and empowerment are important for both young children and the elderly:

  • Many theorists suggest that giving children autonomy can actually help with childhood development
  • Elderly people often miss the autonomy they used to enjoy, so taking steps to empower can help them maintain their mental wellbeing

And of course, with this shift in focus comes a shift in the methods that both sectors are using.

Through careful reworking routines, activities, and schedules, both aged care and childcare workers are taking steps to help those in their care with their mental, emotional, social and psychological wellbeing.

4) Government funded courses are available for both

Both of these sectors are in high-demand – and unfortunately, there aren’t enough workers to keep both staffed.

That’s why there are a whole host of different government funding schemes available to help students get their start in either of these high-demand industries!

For both of these industries, government-funded courses are available, with both childcare and aged care courses listed as eligible for government funding by the Queensland government.

These schemes can help subsidise much of your course – in some cases, eligible students may even have their entire tuition covered!

Unsure whether or not you qualify? Our course advisors can help you find out.

5) Both childcare and aged care can be studied online

While there are certain parts of your childcare or aged care course that will need to be completed in-person (such as first-aid training or training on mobility equipment), large parts of them can also be taught online.

Both of these government-funded courses are online now, giving students unparalleled flexibility and freedom when studying!

Academia’s online Learning Management System (LMS) doesn’t just deliver content – it recreates the classroom atmosphere, giving you the best possible results:

  • Real-time online classes, not pre-recorded lectures
  • Interactive whiteboards let you interact with the content
  • Forums and chats to collaborate and communicate with students and instructors after-hours

Whether you’re keen on shaping young lives or giving back to those who’ve given so much to you, online learning is now an option regardless of which pathway you choose!

Enrol in Academia’s online childcare and aged care courses in Melbourne

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Certificate III in Individual Support (CHC33015)

If you want to become a certified aged care worker, the first step is to earn a Certificate III in Individual Support.

This course is the minimum qualification needed to start a career in aged care, teaching you how to provide personal care to the elderly through face-to-face, hands-on training and workshops led by our highly qualified staff.

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Certificate IV in Ageing Support (CHC33015)

Complete a Certificate IV in Ageing Support, and you’ll be ready to lead a team of aged care workers, whether it’s as a manager or the operator of your very own aged care facility!

This Certificate prepares you to provide personal and holistic care in home, community, and residential aged care facilities in line with industry standards.

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