What next for your career?

It’s a big decision – one that you’ll no doubt want to put a lot of thought into.

If a career in the kitchen sounds right for you, then you should seriously start thinking about enrolling in a commercial cookery course in Brisbane.

Of course, as with many decisions, there’s a lot of information going around regarding commercial cookery as a profession – a lot of which isn’t exactly accurate.

Most people can cook. As a result, they assume that commercial cookery isn’t that different at all from home cooking, and that a lot of those same skills translate over.

This is just one of the myths that many people hold onto when it comes to commercial cookery. There are many more – all of which we plan on tackling today in this article!

Do you still believe these 4 commercial cooking myths?

Myth 1: a passion for cooking is ALL that you need

While passion in cooking is no doubt important and can keep you motivated until the end of your course, the winning combination is both a passion in the kitchen, and the skills required to turn this hobby into an amazing profession!

To start, you will need to enrol in the Certificate III or the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery to prepare for what’s ahead in a career in the hospitality industry.

That’s because commercial kitchens are vastly different from the comfort of home cooking.

For example:

  • The equipment is larger, and more powerful
  • There are strict hygiene and food safety laws you’ll have to follow
  • You won’t be the only person at work – you’ll be coordinating with a whole team
  • You’ll be crafting a larger number of meals than your standard family dinner for four!

Myth 2: there’s no need to enrol in a cooking course in Brisbane when recipes are all online

With so much information on the internet, is there really a point to studying commercial cookery in Brisbane?

Answer: yes, of course there is!

First off, those recipes aren’t going to be much help unless you have a strong grasp of cooking techniques and methods.

And as we’re sure you’ve realised by now, watching a YouTube video is a poor substitute for learning how to do it as part of a commercial cookery course!

Secondly, most online resources focus on the cooking itself – there isn’t anywhere near as much information surrounding other practical parts of working in a kitchen, such as:

  • Safe work practices
  • Food preparation techniques
  • Accommodating special dietary requirements
  • Usage of food preparation equipment 

Thirdly, recipes you find online are usually appropriate in a home or personal setting, not a larger-scale commercial one. 

Myth 3: commercial cooking is the same as home cooking

We touched on this above, but really, this is so important that we felt it should get its own section!

Some students might think that home cooking is functionally the same as commercial cooking – why learn the other when both are the same?

Surely their skill at home cooking will translate into success in commercial cookery, albeit on a larger scale, right?

The thing is, commercial and home kitchens are vastly different environments.

Cooking techniques, tools, appliances, equipment – it’s like a completely different world in there!

And that requires an entirely different skillset.

Here are more ways that commercial cooking differs from home cooking.

Myth 4: studying commercial cookery is all theory-based

Commercial cookery is an inherently hands-on occupation. While there’s plenty of information out there, there are also some things that you won’t be able to learn during class.

That’s why our commercial cookery courses in Brisbane include a heavy emphasis on practical classes and placement, as well as theory-based learning.

Our campuses in both Brisbane and Melbourne feature kitchens that replicate the real world commercial setting in every respect, allowing you to get a taste of working in the industry!

Not only that, but you’ll also gain experience working with some of the more sophisticated techniques and kitchen tools only found in commercial kitchens.

Finally, there’s all of the non-technical learning you’ll do. We’re talking about things like:

  • Leading and managing a team of people
  • Communication skills
  • Working with others

You won’t find this type of experience online!

When you finish your patisserie or commercial cookery course, you can even opt to take your learning further, pursue studying a Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management.

Now’s the time to enrol in our commercial cookery courses in Brisbane!

Studying a commercial cookery course in Brisbane will equip you with all the skills you need to find success in the hospitality industry.

Academia has transitioned to online study

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, we’ve transitioned our commercial cookery courses in Brisbane to online study.

Our courses online are delivered and fully moderated by an experienced lecturer, and powered by a robust Learning Management System (LMS) that allows you to collaborate, ask questions, and work in groups just like an on-campus class.

And for the classes that can’t be moved online, we’ve scheduled on-campus practical-only days, maintaining a low teacher-student ratio to ensure social distancing measures can be maintained.

Find out more about how learning continues online at Academia!

Certificate in Commercial Cookery III (SIT30816) 

Before working in a commercial kitchen, you’ll need to lay a strong foundation.

And that’s what the Certificate III in Commercial Cookery offers.

With a focus on teaching you practical cooking skills and providing the knowledge needed for you to succeed, this Certificate is just what you need to get started.

Mixing practical hands-on learning with in-depth theory-based lessons, you’ll emerge as a well-rounded, job-ready candidate.

Find out more about the Certificate III in Commercial Cookery.

Certificate in Commercial Cookery IV (SIT40516)

Dreaming of starting your own restaurant, pub, or cafe, or working in a hotel?

Our Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery is just what you need!

This Certificate prepares you to step into a more senior role in your business by enhancing your existing skills with training in management, finance, and marketing – essential skills if you’re going to lead a team or organisation.

This course usually lasts for six months, including a 10-week work placement. You’ll also have the option of continuing your study by following up with (or simultaneously completing) a Diploma of Hospitality Management.

Find out more about the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

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