How much of your online TAFE equivalent course is REALLY online?

Online study sounds great – but we know what you’re thinking: how much of it can really be completed online?

After all, TAFE/vocational courses tend to involve just as much practical training as theoretical learning – how exactly does all of that carry over to online learning?

If you’re thinking about enrolling in a government-funded online course, you’ll want to know what you’re getting into before you sign up – especially when you understand the limitations on government-funded courses (especially free TAFE/vocational courses).

And when it comes to studying online, that involves knowing exactly how much of your course can be completed remotely!

How our online learning system works

Despite how long the internet has been part of our lives, a surprising number of institutions only started offering online courses recently, as part of their response to COVID-19 lockdowns.

As a result, a lot of online TAFE equivalent courses simply aren’t as good as their in-person counterparts, with:

  • Only one prerecorded class a week
  • Mostly independent study
  • Worksheets emailed to you
  • A lack of real-time interaction and communication

That might work for some students, however for the majority, in order to get the best outcome, they need to be able to interact with other students, engage directly with the content and reach out to their tutors for help when they need it.

Fortunately, our online learning system allows you to do all of these things.

With online classes held in real-time, you’ll be able to talk to fellow students and your instructors whenever you need help.

We use an interactive virtual chalkboard, allowing you to engage directly with the course content.

Long story short, it’s a genuine classroom – just virtual!

Our team continues to uphold our commitment to offering favourable instructor-student ratios, with small class sizes guaranteeing you’re getting the individual attention you need.

Now for the big question: how much of your online TAFE equivalent course needs to be completed in-person?

It depends on what you’re enrolled in!

Some courses such as hospitality management are almost entirely theoretical, meaning that most of it can be studied online.

On the other hand, some courses like our commercial cookery courses involve a lot more hands-on work as you learn how to work in a kitchen.

Depending on what you’re studying, your course might involve…

Practical training

For courses that involve a practical element, our institute uses specially-crafted labs and equipment that replicate real-world workplaces.

This gives you the opportunity to perform work similar to what your chosen career path will see you doing each day!

For example, our commercial cookery courses feature a lot of time spent working in kitchens with ovens and stoves far more powerful than the ones at home, honing a range of different cooking techniques.

Or as another example, our aged care courses might see you training with equipment such as patient lifting hoists, wheelchair lifts and more.

While you can watch videos about this, the best way to really take this on-board is with practical learning.

As such, units that cover things such as cooking techniques, providing first-aid and delivering individual care are best suited to practical training.

And that isn’t all, either…

Work placement

There are some things that even practical training can’t prepare you for – and that’s why many of our courses have a work placement attached to them.

Let’s look at our commercial cookery courses as an example.

By placing you in a real-world workplace, you won’t just be able to put your skills to practice, but you’ll also learn how to:

  • Work in busy, bustling commercial kitchens
  • Function as part of a kitchen brigade
  • Practice with a wide range of different meals

What’s more, you’ll also be able to network and make connections that can be a huge help later on in your career!

The only way to get this type of experience? By spending time in an actual workplace.

At Academia, we’re proud of our industry connections that allow you to experience what day-to-day life in your industry is really like.

And as you can imagine, this placement can’t be done online.

In summation…

While some TAFE/vocational courses can be completed 100% online, many online courses will have a practical element.

While accommodations can be made for students who aren’t able to make it in-person, it isn’t always possible to finish a course completely online.

Fortunately, our courses are extremely flexible, allowing you to reschedule or defer your practical workshops and placement to the end of your course.

What’s happening with COVID-19 in Melbourne?

If you’re thinking of enrolling at our Melbourne campus, then you’re no doubt worried about what COVID-19 restrictions are going to do to the practical parts of your government-funded course.

In recognition of that, workshops have been deferred to later, and we’re guaranteeing placement spots for students who are unable to make their placements because of lockdowns.

Thankfully, with a roadmap announced for the lifting of restrictions in Victoria, you shouldn’t have to wait long before you can start completing your practical subjects.

In the meantime, you’ll be able to use our extensive online learning system to finish other parts of your online TAFE course, allowing you to focus all of your attention towards your practical units when it becomes feasible to do them!

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