Meet new people while studying English in Melbourne with Academia

When you study English in Melbourne with Academia, not only will you receive a world-class education from native English speakers – you will also get the opportunity to meet dozens of new people.

If you’re what we call a “social butterfly” in English (translation: a friendly person who loves socialising and meeting new people), you will love studying abroad in an English-speaking country like Australia!

Part of studying overseas is meeting new people from different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities.

And not just in your English classes, either!

At Academia, we know that studying in a new country can be scary if you don’t have people to support you.

That’s why we don’t just assist you during your application and entry process – we also provide overseas students like you plenty of opportunities to meet new people when you choose to study abroad.

6 ways you can meet new people while studying English in Melbourne

1) Enjoy group learning

You can’t learn a new language unless you have someone to talk to – “the more the merrier”, as we say in English (translation: something is more fun with more people!)

Class learning allows you to:

  • Practice speaking
  • Immediately put your learning into practice
  • Learn how to understand different accents

Group learning and collaboration ALSO gives you plenty of opportunities to meet others who are studying the same course as you.

Not only does it present an additional opportunity to improve your English skills, but you will also be able to make new friends as you share your experiences, challenges, and victories!

2) Join group activities after class

Classes aren’t the only way for you to meet people as an international student studying abroad – you can also get involved in group activities and even FREE clubs that will let you socialise.

In addition to helping you make new friends, these clubs and activities ALSO help you practice your English without having to worry about whether your skills are good enough to befriend a native speaker.

Some of the activities we offer at Academia include our:

  • Conversation Club
  • Movie Club
  • Outings and excursions

3) Learn English and have fun in study groups

Study groups are an excellent way to refine your skills and learn from others.

They enrich relationships and teach you to understand other group members, while also allowing you to share various insights and learning from each other.

When you join any group study, you break your routine of studying by yourself. Not only that, but you can also pick up on new study methods.

Importantly, it can also help you make new friends, especially if your study group involves people who aren’t in your English class!

For new arrivals, this can also help you deal with the transitions to life in Australia.

Many of the people in your study group will have a similar experience, and can provide support and advice to help you make the most of life in Australia.

4) Join social media groups

In particular, try to focus on groups that have regular, in-person meetings where members see each other and communicate via online chat.

It can be a group about anything you’re passionate about!

And once you’re established, you’ll have an entirely new network of new friends to support you while you study English in Melbourne!

See the world and study abroad with Academia

At Academia, we’re proud of how we allow our students to experience the world while studying abroad in Australia.

Melbourne is one of the country’s most diverse cities, with residents and visitors arriving from all corners of the globe.

And it doesn’t end there!

This diversity also applies to our students. We’ve accepted students from every continent – on average, there are more than 50 different nationalities studying a range of courses at our institute in Melbourne.

In addition to English, we also offer a range of other courses as well:

Whether it’s commercial cookery, childcare or English, there’s always the opportunity to learn more about the world!

Meet new people – enrol in Academia’s English courses in Melbourne today!

You won’t just leave Academia with an English certificate that you can take back home or to your next workplace – you’ll also leave with friends from all over the world.

Studying English in Melbourne gives you the opportunity to make friends and meet new people throughout your studies.

Even throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, we’re working hard to help you make connections!

Academia transitions to online learning to support students during COVID-19

Instead of just offering recorded classes, our English courses in Melbourne use our Learning Management System (LMS),, which allows you to:

  • Talk to instructors and other students
  • Use video chat to talk face-to-face
  • Create private groups during class to practice speaking and do group work

Not only that, but it also allows you to keep in touch with your classmates after classes are over as well – our LMS also features forums, chat rooms and the ability to directly message other students.

Not only does this help you answer any questions you may have, but it also helps you build and maintain relationships while social distancing!

Got questions? Contact Academia today!

If you have any questions about our school and courses, our friendly staff are ready to assist! Please get in touch with us today.