4 reasons why accreditation is important for career development

What’s a piece of paper worth?

In some industries, your certificate or diploma could be worth a lot – it could be the difference between getting into your dream job the first time, and having to spend years working your way up!

Accreditation is a determining factor in your career development in many different industries and sectors.

It’s especially important if you’re an international student who wants to:

  • Move to Australia
  • Enrol in an Australian university
  • Work in an English-speaking workplace

Of course, not just any English course in Melbourne will do – it’s important that you choose one that is certified by an accrediting school, institution, or academy.

Why is accreditation so important? Read on to find out!

What is accreditation?

“Accreditation” is a new word that many English students may not have learned just yet.

Basically, accreditation means that something has been certified or approved, and that you can trust that it meets certain standards.

Our English courses in Melbourne, for example, are accredited.

This means that our courses have approval from the Australian Department of Education.

In short, accreditation ensures you’ll receive a quality education!

What else?

Accreditation means better government funding for institutions, which means more resources for students.

In particular, our English courses are accredited by NEAS Australia, the national leader in quality assurance for English language teaching.

This ensures that:

  • Our teachers are experienced and skilled
  • Our courses are comprehensive
  • You will receive a quality education

While there are many places you can study English in Melbourne, not all of them are accredited like Academia is.

The other benefits of accreditation for your career development

1) Recognition of previous credit

Completing an accredited course means that your results will be recognised by other institutions, and that credit can be transferred, should you wish to continue studies elsewhere.

For example, if you want to apply for an Australian university, your scores with us may be considered in your application – you won’t get this if your course isn’t accredited!

2) Proof of excellence

There are many places to study English in Melbourne – how do you know which ones are trustworthy?

Many workplaces have similar concerns. How do they know that their job applicants really know how to speak English to the standard they require?

When an accredited school issues certifications to students, this isn’t a problem. Employers see the accreditation and know that the student’s received quality English training.

3) You may have more success finding a job

Your certification is an important piece of paper.

It’s solid proof that you’ve received the necessary education, training, and knowledge to perform the job you will assume.

At Academia, all of our English courses in Melbourne meet strict standards set by the Australian government. We follow guidelines set out by the Department of Education, ensuring that everything you learn is useful, current, and important.

With a diploma from Academia, interviewers will know that you’ve been taught English skills that meet the required standard.

Not to mention, you’ll also be able to demonstrate these skills if you’re invited for an interview!

4) It can help you if you decide to return home

When you return to your home country, your English skills may help you find a new job… but only if the interviewer knows that your English certification comes from an institute or school with a good reputation!

With an uncertified English course, the interviewer doesn’t know that the content of the course was valid useful. What if it focused on parts of English that can’t be used in a workplace, or if what it taught you was outdated?

Accredited English courses in Melbourne

To find success in your career, you need to start with the right learning.

Your choice of English school in Melbourne is an important first step. To start on the right foot, it’s important that you choose one that is certified.

Each of Academia’s English courses in Melbourne are certified by industry and government bodies, proving to employers, universities and immigration officials that you have received a high quality education and have the English skills that they are looking for.

We offer a range of courses, each of which focuses on developing certain English skills and helping you achieve specific goals.

Our courses include:

Whatever your goals are, we have an English course for you!

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