The importance of skills training when you study in Australia

“You never stop learning.”

We tried finding out who the first person to say that was, without luck – it’s such a common sentiment, that it’s impossible to attribute to any one person.

And if that many people are saying it, then it must be true!

You never truly stop learning… especially when the time comes for students to venture on and reach another milestone in their lives.

Academic qualification is crucial in making your next career move. Many may ask themselves, “Is my education enough? Do I need to pursue another course? What’s missing in my education and training?”

The path forward can be confusing… but Academia is here to help!

Study in Australia with Academia!

Do you want to study in Australia? Academia is one of the country’s top-performing mid-sized tertiary institutes, welcome local and international students alike!

If you’ve dreamed about studying, living, and working in Australia, we invite you to explore our courses, including English, Commercial Cookery, Aged Care, and Childcare.

The complexity – and importance – of tertiary education

Education is integral to one’s self-development.

It’s a huge lifetime decision, but sometimes, it isn’t always clear what a certificate or diploma can do for you, or which one is best suited for your circumstances.

Some people literally talk themselves out of getting a useful qualification, simply because they don’t have enough information to confidently make a decision!

Take it from us: education is a powerful tool to keep you up on your feet, whether you’re just leaving high school, a returning knowledge seeker, or someone who wants to advance their career.

In fact, the benefits of education are many:

  • You gain theoretical and practical knowledge
  • It unlocks your potential (you may have hidden soft skills that you can use when you mingle in the corporate world, e.g. problem solving/critical thinking, leadership, creativity)
  • It builds confidence
  • It expands your network
  • Helps you hone your work ethic

Some professions demand it

There are some industries where you can find a job by demonstrating an aptitude for the work and having a solid resume.

Others, you need a specific certification that proves you know your stuff.

If you plan on entering a profession such as aged care, child care, patisserie or commercial cookery, this piece of paper is a must-have!

Each of these professions come with strict legal requirements and obligations, as well as standards that need to be met. You can’t just pick these up on the job – you need to get certified first.

For example:

  • As part of a commercial cookery course in Melbourne, you’ll learn safe food handling procedures
  • Our childcare courses teach you safety and first aid, as well as how to handle allergies and diet
  • An aged care course can teach you how to safely administer medication and manage with age-related conditions

These are just some of the skills demanded in certain professions – skills that you need a qualification to learn, and to prove that you’ve learnt them!

How studying improves your career prospects

Skills training teaches you the sorts of things that you need to succeed in your career – simple as that!

If you want to climb the ladder, you will need to learn many new skills. Managers take on a range of additional tasks, such as:

  • Ordering inventory
  • Managing staff
  • Controlling finances

While some of these can be learned on the job, many highly technical tasks such as interpreting a balance sheet need to be taught.

You can’t climb up the ranks without these skills – that’s why it’s so important that you choose a course that teaches you to carry out each of these essential responsibilities.

With the right qualification under your belt, you’ll be able to prove to managers and bosses that you have the skills needed to further develop your career, and that you are a suitable candidate for promotion.

You won’t be able to keep up otherwise

In this sort of job market, anyone that lacks a qualification is going to have a hard time being considered!

For many employers, the qualification is the first “culling point” when hiring. They skim a resume, and if they don’t see a certification or qualification, many disregard the applicant altogether.

Some larger employers don’t even have a human reviewing applications, instead starting with a computer algorithm that automatically scans resumes for certain trigger words and disregarding all applications that don’t contain those words.

In some cases, even real-world experience isn’t enough to save your application.

The right certification can help you get your foot in the door, and is crucial if you want to maximise your chances of a successful job application!

Study in Australia with Academia – how we help

Hands-on training, on-the-job training, practicum, work-based learning, internships… how does that sound?

That’s what studying in Australia with Academia offers you!

In addition to classroom learning, our courses incorporate practical workshops and real-world work placements wherever possible to turn you into the most well-rounded job applicant possible.

We have built strong working relationships with many businesses around Melbourne and Brisbane, allowing Academia students to get real-world experience on top of their certificate or diploma.

With courses covering a wide range of different career paths, we can help you get started on your path forward:

As a medium-sized institution, we give you levels of individual attention and focus that you won’t find at larger schools.

If you want to succeed in your career and get certified, call Academia today, or get in touch online!