3 Career Advantages of Learning English

A great many people make the sensible decision to learn English through a credible course provider in order to improve their career prospects. There is a great range of benefits and advantages that become available when a person is skilled and confident with the English language and these are highly sought after in contexts of employment.

1:  Communication

Overwhelmingly, international communication occurs with English as its basis. Globally, more than two million people speak English and a vast number of people are able to speak English as a second language.

In light of this, being able to speak English puts an individual at a clear career advantage. International communication is crucial in many fields and to many roles and candidates who are clear, skilled and confident users of the English language are readily sought. Further to this, it seems that the demand for such candidates is set only to grow.

2:  Information and Research

In so many areas, English is the dominant language. In terms of books and publishing, airports and air travel, international business, academia, technology and scientific developments, sport, music and diplomacy, English is most often the language used.

To further this, some interesting statistics are available. It is estimated that:

  • More than seventy five per cent of the world’s mail is written in English
  • More than two thirds of the scientists in the world read in English
  • Eighty per cent of the world’s electronically stored information is in English
  • More than thirty six per cent of all communication across the internet occurs in English.

In light of these figures and the overwhelming dominance of the English language, it is hardly surprising that so many people choose to study an English course and thereby learn English by formal means in order to advance their careers.

3:  Career development

Professionally speaking, a great majority of jobs require good command of the English language and this is often featured as a prerequisite in the selection criteria provided. Many people aspire to honestly saying “Excellent skills and command of the English language” on their Resume and studying an English course through a credible and accredited provider certainly helps to achieve this end.

International trade determines how business and commerce develops and with English as their foundation, fluency, confidence and skilled use of the language are imperative if a person is going to be suitable for a job.

Of course, not all people are business minded and do not aspire to working in this sector. In industries, an ability to read and speak technical English is generally required and is crucial if technical competence is to be maintained.

The ability to speak and read English also stands you in good stead if you are ever required to speak or present at conferences or other events.

Learning English and developing confidence and skill with the use of the language presents individuals with an important range of career advantages. Employers seek people that have a strong command of the language and, in professional capacities, the demand for those who know and can use English is certain to continue and grow.