Want to study English in Melbourne or Brisbane? 5 tips for beginners

Study English in Melbourne and Brisbane

Learning a new language is challenging – especially at the beginning!

If you want to study English in Melbourne or Brisbane, you’ll want a course that will effectively and efficiently teach you the basics of this language, so you can start enjoying your time in Australia.

You’re probably also looking for ways to improve your English outside of class too, to help boost your general conversation skills.

Luckily for you, there are many things you can do to improve your English skills after class is finished!

To help you with your studies, we’ve put together a short list of tips to help you study and become more confident in your speaking and writing skills.

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1) Surround yourself with English – even beyond the classroom!

When you begin an English course you will spend a lot of time in the classroom writing, talking and listening.

However, speaking English in the classroom is different to speaking English in the real world.

You won’t have a teacher beside you to explain that you’ve made a mistake or to prompt you when you’ve forgotten a word.

You’re on your own… and while that may sound hard, it’s actually one of the best ways to learn English!

When you study English in Melbourne or Brisbane, you already spend a lot of time using English in the classroom.

However, there are even more things you can do to enhance the language and get familiar with pronunciation, grammar, and more:

  • Spend time with people from class and practice English
  • Plan to only speak English at certain times of the day, for example, during lunch
  • Watch your favorite movies in English with subtitles in your native language
  • Read magazines and books that are written in English

The more you use English in everyday life, the faster you will learn new words, gain fluency, and boost your confidence!

That’s why we think it’s super important to continue your studies and learn outside your English course.

Click here to find out some great ways your learning can extend beyond the walls of your classroom.

2) Studying an English course? Don’t worry about mistakes

Speaking English can make you nervous – what if you make a mistake, or get something wrong? There’s no teacher to tell you the correct answer – just you.

It’s scary, we know – so scary that some students avoid using English because they’re worried about getting something wrong!

Just remember that people who have been speaking English for their entire lives often make mistakes too.

That’s because English can be a tricky language that often breaks its own rules!

Take your time – as long as people can understand what you’re saying, you’re doing well.

Getting to practice your English is the most important thing when you first start – over time, you will become more confident and fluent.

3) Keep a notebook handy when you study English

How can a notebook help? Simple: notebooks can help you keep track of any interesting words or new phrases you might hear over lunch or on the train.

Every time you hear something you’ve heard before, write it down as best you can. When you get home, perform a Google search to find out:

You can decide which words are the most important, or which ones you have the most trouble with.

Once you do this, you can test yourself, talk to a friend about it or even start using these words yourself!

4) Learn how Australians talk

When you start an English course Melbourne or Brisbane, you will find yourself facing something unique.

In fact, you will come across this issue if you study English anywhere in Australia.

Simply, Australian English can differ from American or British English.

When you go out into public and try to speak English, you will come across a lot of unique Australian slang. Unless you learn what these mean, you may feel like talking to Australians makes no sense at all!

Click here to learn more about the most commonly used Australian slang.

5) Choose an English course that matches your skill level

Finally, if you are only just starting to learn English, it’s important that you choose an English course in Melbourne or Brisbane that matches your skill level.

Luckily, Academia offers a wide range of different English classes for students with different levels of fluency, and for those with different goals.

And that includes beginners.

Academia’s General English course is set up to help you understand all the English words, phrases, spelling and pronunciations you need to get through daily life in an English-speaking country:

  • Holding a basic conversation
  • Talking about what you do and don’t like
  • Job applications and interviews
  • Filling in forms

It doesn’t matter how confident you are with English – we offer classes for every skill level: 

  • GE1 – Beginner
  • GE2 – Elementary
  • GE3 – Pre-Intermediate
  • GE4 – Intermediate
  • GE5 – Upper Intermediate
  • GE6 – Advanced

The best thing about our courses is that you can start whenever you want to, with English course starting every week – you could be learning English sooner than you think!

Once you have completed your courses in the basics – you can continue studying with Academia through the following English courses:

Study English in Melbourne and Brisbane with Academia 

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Academia’s English courses have been recognised as one of Australia’s best. Last year, we won an award for our education services for foreign students!

Our English courses offer students like you the support you need to develop your English and boost your confidence.

We offer free clubs, as well as activities and support services to help you practice your skills and transform from a beginner to a fluent English speaker.

Finally, we are a medium-sized institution – that means that your teachers will recognise you by name, and you’ll enjoy personalised attention and support in the classroom.

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