Studying English in Melbourne? Here are 5 ways to improve your grammar

Somebody once said that English isn’t just one language, but three languages stacked on top of each other in a trenchcoat.

It’s a funny sentiment, and if you’re studying English yourself, you’ve probably realised that it rings true!

English is a weird mix of different languages. It’s part-German, part-French, and part-Latin, all chopped up and put into a mixer.

If you’ve ever struggled while studying English in Melbourne and wondered why it seems to often disregard its own rules, now you know why!

It’s because of this history that English – especially English grammar – can be difficult to understand.

Luckily, there are ways of making it easier to understand English grammar…

5 ways to improve your English grammar

1) Use a grammar app on your phone

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone. Make use of it!

Two of the first things you’ll want to instal after you enrol in an English course in Melbourne are:

  1. A dictionary app
  2. A grammar app

Whenever you’re struggling to put your thoughts into words with correct grammar, you’ll be able to quickly bring out your phone and check English grammar rules to make sure you get it right.

Some apps even let you train your English grammar – something you can do while you’re on the train or whenever you have a couple of minutes to spare.

Quickly refresh your knowledge of grammar rules, read examples or do exercises – all from your smartphone.

2) Install plugins and add-ons on your computer

It isn’t just your smartphone you can use to check your grammar!

Most of your writing assignments will be done on your personal computer.

You can make this a little bit easier by installing grammar apps and plugins to correct your grammar as you write online.

While most web browsers and word processors today come with built-in autocorrect, not many come with tools to improve your grammar, too. There are many free options out there that can be added to your word processing software and web browser.

This allows you to fix your grammar (and even complete a short grammar lesson) while you type.

3) Read more books, magazines, and websites

Reading is the number one way to improve your grammar!

When you listen to someone talking in English, what do you focus on? A lot of English students focus on understanding words and their meaning.

However, this also means that they often don’t have time to absorb the way grammar is used.

By the time you’ve figured out what the other person is saying, the conversation may have moved on.

Someone else will have said something else, or you are expected to respond – your attention shifts to that, instead of focusing on the grammar used.

When you read, you’ll be able to go at your own speed. That means you’ll be able to focus on more than just the words – you’ll also see how grammar is supposed to be used.

Not only that, but reading more will also help you grow your vocabulary as well!

4) Proofread – out loud!

When you scan a book or news article, it’s easy to skip over a lot of the words.

Don’t worry, you aren’t doing anything wrong – that’s just how human brains often work.

We only have a certain amount of brain power, so the brain takes shortcuts, focusing only on the main words and automatically filling in the gaps where possible!

These shortcuts make it easier to quickly read and understand English sentences – however, they also mean that you may make grammatical errors.

You don’t want this to happen – especially if you need to double-check your grammar on an assignment.

When double-checking and proofreading, it’s important that you take it slow.

If you need to, read out loud – this will ensure that you see a lot of the words you might normally skip, and helps you pick up on grammatical mistakes you otherwise would have missed.

5) Enrol in an English course in Melbourne

There’s always room to improve – especially when it comes to your English!

Our English courses in Melbourne aren’t just for beginners or those who have only recently moved here.

With a focus on improving your everyday English – including your grammar – General English is just what you need, with classes for a range of different skill levels, accommodating for all levels of fluency.

Whether you’re a longtime resident who wants to improve their grammar or have only recently landed in Australia, we have an English language course for you.

Learn more about English for General Purposes.

Improve your grammar by enrolling in an English course in Melbourne

General English is just one of the courses we offer here at Academia – we also offer a range of other English courses in Melbourne depending on what your goals are.

That includes specialised English courses such as…

English for Academic Purposes

The type of language used at university is very different from the type of language you use when you go down to the local shops or head out with friends.

For starters, it’s a lot more formal and depending on the course you’re enrolled in, may also be rather technical.

Not only that, but you’ll also find yourself using your reading, writing and speaking skills in a different way than you’re used to:

  • Listening to lectures
  • Reading studies and papers
  • Making oral presentations
  • Understanding textbooks

English for Academic Purposes focuses on preparing you for the type of English you’ll encounter while studying at an Australian university, helping you get the highest marks possible.

Click here to learn more about English for Academic Purposes.

English for IELTS Preparation

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS for short) is recognised throughout the Commonwealth countries as the main system to test English skill and fluency.

In particular, it’s used in many:

  • Immigration tests
  • University enrolments
  • Multinational businesses

Academia’s IELTS Preparation focuses on getting you the IELTS score you need to succeed, with a focus on preparing you for the types of things you’ll see on your test.

We offer classes for each IELTS band, allowing you to get the result you need on your upcoming IELTS test.

Click here to learn more about English for IELTS Preparation.

Study English in Melbourne with Academia

There are bigger institutions where you could study English in Melbourne. However, it’s our small size that makes Academia such a great place to study English.

As a medium-sized institution, we can give English students like you something that bigger institutions can’t: one-on-one attention.

Our instructors are experienced – more importantly, since we’re a medium-size institution, we can give you the sort of one-on-one attention that you won’t get at a larger school.

And that means a better English education.

Improve your English language skills – including grammar – when you enrol with Academia!

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