How to Use Your Knowledge of English

For people that are ambitious to improve the opportunities available to them professionally and personally, there are few things that are more beneficial than completing an English course. When you learn English, the knowledge, skill and confidence that can be gained will commonly open many doors and create new possibilities for you.

When a person is proficient and skilled with their use of English, new information becomes available to them, together with new and varied opportunities for communication and interaction. In fact, many people find that there are no shortages (and certainly many advantages) that arise from their command and use of the English language.

Access to the most interesting knowledge…

When you are able to read and speak English very well, because you have studied an English course, you will find that you have increased access and insight into some of the most interesting and thought provoking sources of information available.

Much of the most sought after, relevant, contemporary and fascinating knowledge and online, visual and print based information is expressed in English. A person who has committed to learn English is rewarded with greater access to many different sources of information. These include:

  • Websites – There is a staggering and ever-increasing number of web pages of information written in English. In fact, more than one billion pages of information are published online. When you are able to speak and read English, you have access to an incredible amount of knowledge on the net and are better placed to pursue your interests and enquire into particular subjects of interest.
  • Books – Despite the prevalence and seeming reliance of so many of us on web-based information, there will always be a place for books. An overwhelming number of books about a variety of subjects can be read in English, furthering emphasising the value of learning English.
  • Print-based media – Wherever you travel throughout the world, you are bound to find that the only magazines and newspapers that are consistently found and available are those written in English. When you can speak English, it is reassuring to know that you do not have to hunt or struggle for information.
  • Science – While important scientific research and developments occur throughout the world, English is frequently perceived as the fundamental language that underpins the world of science. A vast majority of scientific articles are written in English, including those that come from countries where English may not be the predominant language used.
  • Current affairs – English speaking networks tend to most quickly broadcast breaking news and current affairs and are quite often seen as more reputable and credible than networks that may be smaller and may not use English as a first language. It is significant too, that news reports and current affairs in English can be viewed anywhere in the world.

New opportunities for communication…

Of all the languages in the world, English is undeniably the language that allows so many people to communicate. Even when people are not native English speakers, by learning English, new opportunities to meet, interact and communicate with people are created.

When you can speak and read English, it is possible to communicate with people all over the world and gain more from travel experiences.

It is dangerous to assume that learning English is easy or straightforward. Learning any language can be challenging and demanding, but the rewards that are available through command of the English language more than compensate for the commitment that is required.

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