4 Reasons Why it is Great to Read and Speak English

Of all the languages to learn, there are many great reasons to be able to proficiently speak and read English. As a result, it is not surprising that so many people choose to learn English and use their knowledge of the English language to advance their career and personal experiences.

Here we take a look at four of the very best reasons to speak and read English:

1:  English is the language of the international business community

Although international business by nature spans many countries and cultures, English is the dominant language of the international business community. Overwhelmingly, English is the linguistic currency and foundation through which business exchanges and communications take place.

With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that many people who aspire to improve and enhance the way that they do business recognise the importance of education through a quality English course.

2:  Increase and expand your employment opportunities

One of the foremost reasons that people choose to study English is to enhance their career opportunities. There is no escaping the fact that candidates that can speak, read and communicate in multiple languages are highly sought after and most desirable in a range of employment situations.

Some people are surprised to find that it is not only in travel, international business and translation that bilingual or multilingual speakers are so heavily in demand. Today, organisations of many different natures and purposes desire staff that can read and speak at least two languages.

In fact, the ability to speak and read at least one language, other than your native language, is recognised by recruiters as the factor that often gives a candidate that may be similarly matched to others, the edge in securing professional positions. If learning English can give a person such a distinct career advantage, it is all the more apparent that proficiency with the English language can deliver a range of desirable professional benefits.

3:  Travel

Not only is English the language of the international business community, it is commonly understood to be the language most common to travellers.

Although people from all corners of the globe travel, it is very often the case that the English language is the common linguistic denominator. When English is the basis of communication, undertaking an English course clearly offers a personal advantage in that more opportunities and a broader range of enriching experiences are available to those who travel and can read and speak English.

4:  It shows your commitment to rigorous study

There is no denying that learning a foreign language can be difficult and challenging. However, it can also be incredibly interesting, stimulating and enjoyable.

The fact that you or any other person has committed to and completed a credible and rigorous English course actually speaks volumes about your personality and approach to learning. Potential employers, as well as numerous others, tend to be impressed by commitment to learning of this type and appreciate the dedication, time and energy that is required in order to successfully complete a course and proficiently read and speak English.

The ability to confidently and competently read and speak English is favourably perceived. However, the advantages of reading and speaking English go far beyond other people’s perceptions and branch into a range of personal and life enhancing opportunities that are made available when a person is able to speak English as a second language.

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