5 Ways to Enhance Your Career Prospects

In this day and age, it is not enough to undertake just any course and expect that your career will flourish as a result. To the contrary, students must strategically choose to study courses that will make them more marketable and sought after by employers.

How do I become more desirable and thereby enhance my career prospects?, is a completely valid question to ask. While there are a number of elements that comprise an answer to this question, undertaking a credible English course is one of the very best ways to enhance your career prospects.

1: Because we live in an era in which globalisation is characteristic of the ways that business is done and communication occurs, being able to speak a language (other than your native language) is a huge advantage.

People who learn English and are confident in their ability to speak, read and communicate in English are now more sought after than ever. Because English is often considered the ‘global language’ and is certainly the language through which much professional communication occurs, it follows that completing a credible English course can stand you in very good stead.

2: Command of the English language also opens up travel possibilities and opportunities to live and work in countries outside of a person’s homeland. With skill and knowledge of the English language, it is possible to enhance and really make the most of the experiences that are open to a person when they are overseas.

You may well ask what travel really has to do with career prospects, but because globalisation is so important and technology has made the world far more connected and close, experiences gained overseas tend to be viewed favourably and can give you a real advantage in the employment market.

3: As was alluded to in the previous point, international networks and connections between countries as a result of business relationships and exchanges are now possible through technological developments. English is most often the language used for these transactions and exchanges and so people who have a strong command of the English language are highly sought after – largely because they can work effectively regardless of their location in the world.

4: Particularly when an individual has taken the knowledge gained through an English course and applied it in another part of the world, they are likely to have a heightened awareness, understanding and appreciation of other cultures.

More than just being able to understand and speak a language, demonstrating cultural sensitivity and respect is incredibly important. It follows that people who have such cultural awareness are professionally sought after. For those that are considering learning English, this is likely to serve as a huge professional draw-card

5: Dedicating yourself to formal studies of English and displaying a resolve to achieve good results shows that you have commitment and are diligent. Such qualities will always be in demand with employers who historically and currently want people that can be relied upon and will exercise initiative and self-motivation.

Learning English can certainly enhance your career prospects. An English course can be a very wise choice if you wish to capitalise on the effects of globalisation and technological connectedness. Studying English also has the distinct career advantage of making so many different vocations open to an individual.

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