Our guide to public transport: read this before studying in Melbourne!

Our guide to public transport

Starting a new course can get a bit overwhelming – you’ll have to read the course guide, plan out your timetable and introduce yourself to your fellow students.

Not to mention, you’ll also have to learn how to find your way around!

It’s important to familiarise yourself with public transport before you begin studying in Melbourne. This applies to local students as well as students from interstate or overseas.

It’s hard to enjoy the sights and sounds if you don’t know your way around.

As such, a sound knowledge of the transport options around Academia is essential if you want to have a great experience while studying in Melbourne!

Trams, trains and automobiles: the who’s who of Melbourne’s public transport network

The transport system in Melbourne is made up of three basic transportation options. It’s important to know which ones to use in order to get from where you are to where you want to go.

  1. Trains
  2. Trams
  3. Buses

All three are convenient ways of getting around the CBD, each with their own advantages.

Melbourne’s Metro trains

If you need to cover a lot of distance quickly, Melbourne’s train network is probably the best place to start.

Our train network is laid out like a giant spider, with “legs” that stretch into the fringes and the CBD in the centre making up the spider’s “body”.

Services start or terminate in the city centre, where you can transfer to a second line to reach your destination.

Melbourne’s trams

With 250 kilometres of track, did you know that Melbourne’s tram network is the world’s biggest?

If you choose to study in Melbourne, you’ll likely find yourself frequently hopping on and off the tram, especially to cover short distances.

This is especially true for getting from A to B in the CBD. Thanks to the free tram zone, Academia students can get across our city – whether it’s to meet a friend, do a spot of shopping, or enjoy a meal – for free!

Tram stops within the Free Tram Zone are clearly marked. The Zone covers the entire CBD as well as fringe areas like part of Docklands. Explore the map here.

Melbourne’s buses

Bus services run throughout the city, and are used to service areas between train or tram lines.

We strongly recommend researching bus services near your home.

Since Academia is based in the CBD, we also suggest looking at bus services that can take you to a train or tram line, as few bus services run directly into the city.

Essential public transport tools you’ll need while studying in Melbourne

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) app

The PTV app will fast become one of your most-used smartphone tools as you get to know your way around Melbourne.

The app can be downloaded onto your phone from the Apple Store or the Play Store.

Using it’s easy: all you need to do is to set your current location and where it is you want to go (or the nearest landmark).

With this information, the app will calculate the best route for you to take, and which mode of transport (train, tram, or bus) is best.

It will even warn you if they are likely to be disruptions to the route.

Tram Tracker

If you exclusively use trams, tramTRACKER is a must-have app.

Like the name suggests, this app tells you how far your tram is. You can even save your favourite tram routes and tramTRACKER will send you a notification if there is a disruption to the line, allowing you to make any adjustments to your travel plans on the fly.

Myki Card

And finally, you’ll need a Myki card! This is your ticket to travel on public transport in Victoria.

There are two options available, each based on how often you’re required to use public transport. Find out more about Myki Pass and Myki Money here.

As of April 2019, Melbourne’s Myki card readers are now compatible with Google Pay, meaning students won’t have to carry around an extra card anymore!

Train stations and trams close to Academia

If you’re thinking about studying in Melbourne with Academia, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the closest train, tram and bus routes.

That way if you ever find yourself with last minute plans, you’ll know exactly where the PTV app is telling you to go.

By familiarising yourself with the area you also won’t have to worry if there are disruptions to your usual service. You’ll already know the alternate routes available to you and how to get there.

Nearby train stations

  • Melbourne Central Station – 5-minute walk
  • Flagstaff Station – 6-minute walk

Nearby tram stops

  • Elizabeth Street – 2-minute walk
  • Queen Street / Bourke Street – 4-minute walk

Nearby bus stops

  • Hardware Lane / Lonsdale Street – 1-minute walk
  • Little Bourke Street / Queen Street – 3 minute walk
  • Little Lonsdale Street / Russell Street – 10 minute walk

Landmarks close to Academia

Another great idea is to familiarise yourself with the landmarks around Academia – this is an especially helpful tool if you’re new to Melbourne.

There’s nothing worse than getting lost and pulling out your phone to realise the battery is dead.

By remembering these landmarks, you’ll be able to make it to class, even if you get lost!

Here are a couple:

  • Saint Francis Church (just 200m away)
  • China Town (the familiar entrance is 750m away!)
  • Melbourne Central Shopping Centre (yes, where the train station is)
  • The Public Purse (this iconic sculpture is near Myer and David Jones in the Bourke St Mall)

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