Want to study in Melbourne? Get into your dream course with these interview tips

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You’ve donned the appropriate outfit. You have all your resources with you. You’ve mentally psyched yourself up for the coming challenge.

No, this isn’t the climax to a fantasy movie or a mountaineering expedition to Everest – rather, we’re talking about your upcoming application interview into a tertiary learning institute in Melbourne.

While not all courses will require an interview, in certain circumstances, you may be called in to determine your suitability for a certain course.

Getting into the right institution can impact the direction of your career and life going forward – if you want to study in Melbourne, it’s crucial that you ace that application interview.

Recently been called in for an interview? Looking for tips? You’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn 5 great interview tips from Academia.

Application interview tips

Research the course(s) that you want to pursue

First thing’s first: before sitting down for your interview, it’s important that you do reading into the course you’re applying for.

This is just like researching a potential workplace. Not only does it show the interviewer that you’re switched on and keen, this way, you’ll be able to tailor your responses in advance to provide the best possible image of yourself.

Not to mention, this also helps you decide whether the course you’re enrolling in is indeed right for you, too!

Ideally, interviews should be two-way – the school is determining if you’re a right fit, and you’re evaluating if the school or course is right for you.

By doing your research, you can formulate questions for your interviewer and get a better idea of what life in that course or school might be like.

And while we’re on the topic of questions…

Prepare your list of questions to ask

Like we mentioned above, it works both ways. Your school is determining if you’re a right for it, while you’re doing the same thing.

If you want to study in Melbourne, you need to make sure the school is right for you, and aligns with your study and career goals.

And the interview gives you a great opportunity to find the answer.

Once you’ve done your research, you can get to work preparing a list of questions to ask your interviewer.

This is a great opportunity to shine some light on areas that you mightn’t fully understand, specific details on which you seek further information, or things that may affect or be affected by your personal circumstances.

The key takeaway? Make sure you prepare all this stuff in advance.

Practice speaking in front of the mirror

One of the hardest parts of interviewing? Talking about yourself to a complete stranger.

The antidote to this problem? Practice.

Before your scheduled interview, it’s a good idea to practice in front of the mirror.

This can help you assess how you might come across during your interview, and make changes to your demeanour and expressions before the interview.

More importantly however, it can also help build up your confidence and put your nerves at ease before the big day comes around, helping present your best face to the interviewer.

Be on time

This should go without saying!

While obviously the real world can get in the way sometimes (for example, a train cancellation), if possible, you’ll want to avoid tardiness.

Turning up on time is a matter of respect, plain and simple.

Not to mention, if you want to study in Melbourne, you’ll want to make the best first impression possible – you can’t afford to be late!

We suggest planning and timing things so that you’re at the location of interview 30 minutes ahead of time, just in case any unexpected delays occur.

If things go smoothly, this will give you time to become familiar with the surroundings – important if you’re going to be studying there.

And if things do go wrong, give your interviewer a courtesy call as early as possible.

Be your best self

One mistake many people make when interviewing in general is rehearsing their responses too much.

While you’ll want to come across as polished, it’s possible to be too polished. Many rehearse to the point where their responses are robotic, or almost sound like they’re reading off a sheet.

Worse, this can also result in interviewees being caught off-guard when the interviewer goes off-script.

Many interviewees rely too heavily on their script, and come undone when we ask a question they weren’t able to predict.

The best way to avoid this? Be natural. Be yourself. Make a conscious effort to take in the question and consider your answer before you begin to speak. It’s OK to take it slow!

It’s easier said than done. If you ask us however, this is the most important piece of interview advice we can give!

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